Over 40 companies to back Apple vs. U.S. government overreach; beleaguered Samsung still thinking about it

“Apple and the FBI are set to start its court battle for the San Bernardino case in a couple of weeks, March 22nd,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac.

“In support for Apple’s position, over 40 companies, organizations and individuals will file amicus briefs later today to rally against the government order for Apple to compromise its own iPhone security measures,” Mayo reports. “Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Microsoft, Snapchat and more will sign on to briefs in the case, according to sources.”

Various “company execs were initially worried about the consequences on the industry if Apple lost out to the FBI,” Mayo reports citing The New York Times. “Bloomberg reports Samsung supports the idea of encryption but will not commit to file an amicus brief for its smartphone rival, the Samsung statement said it remains undecided on its court position. The New York Times says the breadth of support Apple has received is unusual for court action, a significant sign of a unified Silicon Valley position… which can ultimately sway the final decision in Apple’s favour.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Nice to see that beleaguered Samsung is as sackless as ever.

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    1. All other things aside, an understanding of how business works in Korea helps you to understand why Samsung hasn’t taken a stand. I don’t think it’s particularly a Samsung thing, rather, it’s a case of how you need to cooperate with government in Korea to achieve success. The K-gov’t still actively performs censorship of websites, for example.

      It’s just how it works. Obviously, many Americans would feel disgusted by such a thing, but hey… different culture, different rules.

      1. ” you need to cooperate with government”

        and Vice Versa

        the President of Korea pardoned Chairman Lee of Samsung when he was sentenced to jail for criminal charges.

  1. Samesung will again eventually copy Apple, but only after their marketing group can rebrand “customer data security” with a new name so they can claim they were innovative and invented it first.

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