WWDC 2016’s star of the show: Apple’s Swift 3.0

“The number of jobs requesting Swift in the last full year versus the previous full year climbed by 600 percent, says tech recruitment firm, Toptal,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “Interest is likely to increase all over again following WWDC 2016.”

“Apple is expected to introduce Swift 3.0 at WWDC 2016 and to release it in fall,” Evans writes. “One of the more dramatic goals in this iteration is portability, to ‘make Swift available on other platforms and ensure that one can write portable Swift code that works properly on all of those platforms,’ the Swift Programming Language Evolution pages reveal.”

Evans writes, “As we inch toward WWDC 2016, Apple appears to hold an ace in its hand, one which makes it even more likely developers across the planet will tune into the event, if only to learn about Swift 3.0.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you’re a developer, or want to be one, and you want to delving into Swift, start here.

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  1. ‘make Swift available on other platforms and ensure that one can write portable Swift code that works properly on all of those platforms,’

    Oh boy! JAVA The Sequel!

    1. No not like Java. Swift won’t be controlled by an evil dump hole like Oracle.

      Swift will end up more like C# and the .net framework which works pretty darn well.

  2. Apple was definitely smart with Swift. But herebare two major problems: if Swift is available on other platforms (Spotify, Google Play), then people may leave Apple Music.

    Also, why are some of Taylor Swift’s songs not available for streaming? You have to pay separate for them! I’m talking about New Romantics…

    1. Sadly, there is no more ‘JavaScript’. Added to it has been Adobe’s ActionScript, Microsoft’s JScript (so imaginative a name!) and other cruft. It’s now called ECMAScript and it’s still changing. There is so much software, including coding kits, based on the stuff that it’s here to stay.

      But adding Swift scripting to the mix would be interesting. Just keep it seriously secure, unable to hack a user’s computer (unlike modern Java).

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