“As expected, Apple announced new versions of OS X (El Capitan), iOS (v9), watchOS (v2), and Swift (v2). Emotional words: beautiful, stunning, and love, were peppered throughout,” Quinton Wall reports for TechCrunch. “In short, everything you would expect from an Apple keynote.”

“But there was also an undertone of language and phrases that will be important to enterprise developers,” Wall reports. “Apple’s announcements point towards an increasing reliance on data and machine-learning to deliver contextual apps that offer productivity gains through proactivity.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook “referred to Swift as the ‘the next big programming language,’ developers will be building apps in ‘the next 20 years.’ That’s a big statement. It sounds a lot like Sun’s battle cry for Java,” Wall reports. “Unlike Java, however, Tim Cook followed that statement up with two of the most important words any developer can ever hear, Open Source.

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We can think of several, now-retired IT Doofuses who would pee in their waders upon hearing how Apple is infiltrating businesses worldwide.


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