With iOS 9, iPhone now tracks sexual activity

“Apple’s iPhone will now let people track exactly how often, when and how they have sex,” Andrew Griffin reports for The Independent.

“As part of new “reproductive health” tracking features, Apple has added an option for ‘Sexual Activity,'” Griffin reports. “When users click on it, they can enter information on whether protection was used as well as the date and time.”

Griffin reports, “They can then share that information with other apps, and Apple stressed in its event that it will be kept private unless users opt to share it.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hmm, Show on Headboard… er, Dashboard, or not?

iOS 9 Health app Sexual Activity

Seriously, “Sexual Activity” is part of iOS 9’s Health app’s “Reproductive Health” section which also includes “Basal Body Temperature,” “Cervical Mucus Quality,” “Menstruation,” “Ovulation Test Result,” and “Spotting.”


    1. There should be a field to indicate which partner and achievements that can be linked with various Kama Sutra apps.

      Its this kind of feedback and tracking that makes an activity even more fun.

  1. With all the sophomoric jokes and innuendo, we may forget that there are people for whom it would be extremely valuable if they had this information available to give to their doctor.

    When you’re treating infertility, or planning/hoping to conceive, having this information can be extremely helpful. Together with the data regarding monthly cycle, it may provide some insights, as well as some answers, for those struggling to start a family.

    1. Exactly, Predrag. For people doing in vitro fertilization or embryo donation this information is vital. This capability in the watch would make the necessary record keeping and note taking so much simpler. The sophomoric jokes completely miss the fact that this is literally a life-giving technology for families trying to overcome infertility.

    2. Our sophomoric jokes aren’t in ignorance of the very beneficial uses for recording this data, it’s in recognition that this data could be used in many other productive means (“Honey, your iPhone says you do NOT have a headache!”).

  2. Wow, tracking sexual activity, a woman’s period. Now all the iOS needs is the ability to track water boarding schedules and rectal feeding requirements and it will be the NSA, FBI, CIA, ah heck the whole USA’s wet dream.
    Way to go Apple!

    1. You think sexual and reproductive health issues are the same as porn? Really??
      In any event, it’s very easy to get porn on any apple device. You use a browser (such as Safari – pre-installed on all Apple devices) to access this thing called the internet.


    Paragraph correct .. “Apple’s iPhone will now let people track exactly how often, when and how they have sex,” Andrew Griffin reports for The Independent.

    PEOPLE do the tracking, not the iPhone. It’s called DATA ENTRY.

    Is MDN drunk again ?

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