“Apple has told us it intends making Swift 2.0 open source ‘later this year,’ a move some developers are calling ‘monumental,’ a ‘huge milestone in the evolution of the programming industry,'” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“Swift is Apple’s modern programming language that lets developers build OS X and iOS apps,” Evans writes. “It seems likely it will eventually replace Objective C and already creates more stable code in shorter development cycles than the language it is destined to replace – Swift offers numerous advantages.”

“Apple’s plan to make the software open source means the company will offer ports for OS X, iOS and Linux, and the code will also include the Swift compiler and standard library. ‘We think it would be amazing for Swift to be on all your favorite platforms,’ said Apple, announcing its plans,” Evans writes. “Joining the dots and the scale of Apple’s ambition remains staggering. Apple is defining expectations and the environment of this new chapter in the digital era.”

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MacDailyNews Take: When it comes to adoption and proliferation, Apple’s Swift is very aptly named.

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