“A new programming language survey shows Apple’s Swift breaking into the top 20 for the first time, while the future of Microsoft’s Visual Basic (VB) in the top rankings is now ‘unclear,'” Tim Anderson reports for The Register. “The Redmonk consultancy published a six-monthly analysis based on Github usage and Stack Overflow discussions.”

“JavaScript is top by a narrow margin, followed by Java, PHP, Python, C#, C++ and Ruby (the last three are ranked fifth),” Anderson reports. “Apple’s Swift (which the company said will be open source by the end of the year) has risen from 22 to 18, making the top 20 for the first time.”

Anderson reports, “VB’s English-like syntax and avoidance of curly braces and semi-colons make it approachable for beginners, but the roots of its decline go back to 2000 when Microsoft announced both C# and the .NET Framework.”

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