Apple Music isn’t revolutionary, but it might help launch the next big thing

“Apple Music might be the most un-Apple product the company has ever released,” Michael Simon writes for Macworld. “That’s not to say it’s not great. A little Spotify, a dash of I Heart Radio, and a few cups of Beats: Apple Music is more of an amalgam of the best parts of other services than a uniquely Apple product.”

“But none of that is going to matter to the tens of millions of people who will become paying subscribers once their free trial ends at the end of September,” Simon writes. “With Music, Apple is muscling its way into a very established market and using its significant cash and clout to build an instant customer base. It’s a different sort of tact for the company, and one that could very well change the way it approaches Internet services, not just for streaming music but for its whole cloud platform. ”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The breadth of Apple Music, the sheer totality of it all, is overwhelming. So much music delivered in so many different ways. Apple Music is a music lover’s paradise!


    1. I have tried to use Apple Music over the past several days. Have it on my iPhone 6 Plus and my Mac. I’m still exploring it and trying to get into it, but I find it overwhelmingly complicated and annoying. It has also been taken a long time to load up songs on first play or skipping to the next song in playlists. It’s overall frustrating to use.

      I just bought a brand new car. It came with Sirius Satellite Radio. I’ve never used Sirius before. Outside of wanting to have better sound quality, so far, I like Sirius better. It’s just more focused and easier to use. 90s on 9. 80s on 8… business radio, etc.

      Apple Music is so complicated to use I dread going in and using it. I think it’s terrible for that reason. But I will continue to try and use it to see if there’s any light at the end of the tunnel.

      1. Dftr, why are your experiences with Apple products and services almost universally negative? And not just a little negative – dismally negative! Many of us find fault with Apple in various ways, but you are the Eeyore of this forum.

        Could it be that you are just not an Apple-type of person? I am an AAPL shareholder, but I cannot encourage you strongly enough to sell all of your Apple devices and go exclusively with Windows PCs and Android. Then you can try to find a different forum in which to post…

        1. I’ve been an Apple peson for years. I develop software for Apple. I’ve read every book about Apple and followed them for years. I’m a shareholder. All my tech is Apple.

          I’ve been vocal over the past few years because I’ve been seeing a slip at Apple and think it’s because Steve Jobs is dead and Tim Cook doesn’t know what he’s doing. I’m concerned about the future. And my complaints about Apple’s products and services are legitimate.

      2. Apple Music personally Don’t like it. Not at all like apple (simple & intuitive). Music app feels horrible and so messed up. So many things to look at on the screen. Took time to figure out what is where and also has to go online to understand it initially. This was not the case with devices / websites / iTunes (previously) without looking for any help. I hope they do not do the same things (too much junk) like android and microsoft does. information overload. !!!

      3. Apple Music is only hard to use for the total doofus set. If you are a complete idiot in general I would suggest staying away from all technology. You do have to bring some minimal brains to the music party to enjoy it.

  1. Some argue that Apple Music, as well as Apple Watch before that, is too overwhelming — it tries to include everything, which is opposite to what Apple usually did under Jobs’ editorial control.

    I understand such critique, but I also understand that there is no second Jobs — a visionary who could see the ways to cut things down and predict what features would work.

    So Apple team now has to develop as much features as possible since none of them can be as bold as Jobs in throwing good ideas away.

    And since Apple has kept the depth of how well they think out the features, I have no issues with that.

    1. Botched pricing and now this? Maybe this candy @ss clown should march a little less and deliver Apple caliber products a little more. Sold my stock today; something’s rotten in the state of Denmark.

  2. Apple Music UI is a complete mess. Sorry but this is by far the worst Apple product I have seen. David Pogue and Telegraph would agree. The content is fine but the UI is so confusing that even a long time Apple user like me has a hard time navigating my way.

    1. I’m sorry, I’m sure the UI is not perfect yet, but I really don’t see why people are having so much trouble navigating, at least on iOS. The Apple Music display has 5 buttons at the bottom:

      1. For You
      2. New
      3. Radio
      4. Connect
      5. My music

      You can easily get back to those choices from any song playing by hitting the down arrow button at the top left. There are consistent contextual menus on each screen that show you the next song or songs coming up, or your playlist if you want. The same contextual menus let you add your choices to My Music or to Make Music Available offline, among other things.

      I agree the performance is sluggish right now, but that will improve. What am I missing? I’m very old school, but the UI seems pretty damn easy to navigate to me.

      1. And WFT do all those mean? These are dumb headings. Some people don’t even know where their music files are anymore and are getting their music collections all corrupted.

        I’d like separate apps for:

        – my music — which i will manage myself
        – my videos — which i will manage myself
        – podcasts — which needs better management options
        – audiobooks — which needs better management options
        – eBooks
        – iTunes U — which is okay but could be clearer
        – rented/streaming videos — which desperately needs a new ATV
        – rented/streaming audio

        All of the above are very different types of media that require significantly different approaches to discover, use, manage, archive, etc. Apple has the technology, it just keeps being stupid by tying everything to one application, iTunes. iTunes represents Apple’s Office, and that’s not a compliment.

        1. Macuser, you are arguing with me about something totally different. You are talking about application content and functionality, I was strictly talking about UI navigation. I have no trouble getting around in Apple Music.

  3. The more I use Apple Music, the more I like Rhapsody. Apple Music is just so confusing. Maybe it’s because I’ve been using Rhapsody for more than a decade and have gotten use the incremental software changes and platform upgrades. I sure hope that Apple Music improves over the next three months because I really wanted to switch over completely away from Rhapsody.

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