“That didn’t take long: As soon as Apple released its Swift programming language to the open source community, IBM created a way to code with Swift in the cloud,” Kevin Tofel reports for ZDNet.

“Big Blue released its IBM Swift Sandbox that runs your Swift code on a Linux server using a Docker container,” Tofel reports. “No, you’re not going to create the next big Swift program in the Sandbox, but for those wanting to get their feet wet with Apple’s newest object oriented programming language, the IBM Swift Sandbox is worth the look.”

“I whipped a few lines of code together in Safari on the iPad Pro – my full time computing device – and was able to run them without a problem or any lag. The text editor highlights common code errors just as you’d expect in an Integrated Development Environment or code creation tool,” Tofel reports. “That’s super useful in a classroom setting where students can tinker with Swift to learn app development.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Ladies and gentlemen, this Swift thing just might be something!

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