Best Buy offers Apple Watch deal with prices starting at just $249

Best Buy is offering a deal that gives buyers the lowest prices on Apple Watch to date.

By offering $100 off any Apple Watch Sport or Apple Watch model, the 38mm Apple Watch Sport models start at only $249.

Plus, Best Buy also offers free shipping.

More info: Best Buy: Save $100 on Apple Watch(compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6/Plus and iPhone 6s/Plus running iOS 8.2 or later).

Best Buy offers $100 of Apple Watch
Best Buy offers $100 of Apple Watch

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Monday, November 16, 2015

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  1. Such steep discounts fly in the face of the repetitive narrative that MDN keeps selling — apparently it takes some serious price reductions to get people to buy Apple Watches as presents.

    Could it be that, like me, most people find the bubble interface to be a cluttered mess?

    1. It’s not a “narrative.” It’s the truth. The facts are that Apple Watch is the best-selling wearable in history. Period.

      You’re the one trying to spin a “narrative” that is not factually based.

      What’s the matter, can’t afford an Apple Watch, even with $100 off?

      1. First 2014, Then 2016:

        BS. There is ZERO DATA that shows the Apple Watch sales figures. None. Zero. Until we have real data from Apple, there is no evidence that the Apple Watch has sold well. None. The problem is, observing our environment, we can see many people do not wear Apple Watches. And don’t argue nonsense like people’s sleeves cover a watch. Apple started selling them in the summer, and people had t shirts on. I travelled around Canada and the US and didn’t see barely 1 dozen being worn over a 3 month period.

        Today, anyone who uses this piece of trash will at least lift their sleeve to interact it. I have yet to see one person do this. Ever.

      1. That’s a totally snobbish “unclassy” comment. (Those who use the word “classy” seldom have any.) Most of us can’t afford to spend $3,000+ on a watch. $500 is usually – for me at least – the breaking point for us in the lower-middle to lower class who need to carefully budget for what few technological toys we feel that we have a ‘need’.

        I’ve purchased three watches in the +/- price range this year. With one, the crown pulled out as I was trying to adjust the date. It was a genuine Swiss crafted Precimax that I purchased from Amazon – could never get in touch with them to get any sort of warranty repair. One was a good sold by Orvis – they leather band designegrated and while Orvis guaranties and repairs the watch, they don’t do bands. And the last was a very highly rated Pulsar and the links came apart.

        For various reasons, transportation is an issue for me and I was unable to have any of the bands replaced. Yes, I could jumped in my BMW 7-series and driven out to purchase a new band but the problem is that I have no legs. I could stop going to my doctor’s appointments and buy a Tudor or I could settle for an Apple “POS” (such lovely imagery) and still be able to get to my appointments.

        You could have stopped at “garbage.” That would have been the “classy” thing to do.

      2. Wow – that’s an awful lot of hatred to spew about something you obviously haven’t even used.

        And what have you proved? Mostly that you’re an ignorant snob. I’m glad you’re not an Apple Watch owner – I really don’t want you in the “club”.

      3. If you can’t buy a real Rolex and go for a second class Tudor. You shouldn’t have enough brain to tell the difference between a smart watch and a hundred year old technology. Why don’t you go back to use a rotary dial phone too. It will do the job for you too. By the way, I am a watch dealer, want to inform you if you take the watch apart, there is a major difference between a real Rolex and Tudor. The Tudor has much lower grade movements. They are not even a Swiss Certified Chronometer. Get It? Also, even a certified chronometer, it is only accurate to certain degree. No way it will surpass an Apple Watch. Not to mention those extra functions come with the smart watch.

    2. You obviously don’t own an Apple Watch. The app screen is not the main interface, it’s the watch face!! The Watch isn’t an iPhone that you’re constantly poking at like a brain-dead drone. You set up the notifications you want and live your life.

      The only app I open regularly is the workout app in the rare occurence that Siri doesn’t register my command to start a new workout. Apple Watche’s aren’t wristworn iPhones. It’ll take a year or two for people to remove their head from their rear and understand this.

    1. Not sure if you’re serious or that “For my wife’s health sake” is a man’s excuse to buy a gadget, but it has done wonders for my wife’s health. I don’t know how to do anything on it, but the Dexcom CGM, software, iPhone app, Watch app, and sharing app on my iPhone have made a HUGE difference.

      It literally saved her life the first night she had the Dexcom on. Not the Watch at night, but during the day, as a teacher, it is the best tool she has!

  2. Yeah, and I just ordered two. One as a gift and one for myself. For myself, I ordered the SS Watch with the Milanese Loop band, with an Watch Sport for a friend. I really like the Loop band better than any out there and my reasoning is that even if Apple DOES come out with a Watch 2 withing the next 6-8 months, the band, I hope, will be useable.I’ve already been through three +/- $150 watches this year. So this will be my ‘dress watch’.

    1. And your pontifical reasoning that “this will soon be an inferior good”?

      Because there will be something better coming along?

      There will always be new technologies replacing old but the pundits who were dismissing the mouse on a computer were soon writing articles about the best mouse on the market. I am not suggesting that the Apple Watch is that revolutionary, but for wearable technology it’s a great start and, to my knowledge, I am not aware of a technology that brings together a watch, a mobile phone, a tablet and a computer under one roof.

      Let me know if you’re aware of such a company. And I’ll be the first one to toss away my Zune.

  3. Went to Best Buy this morining and there were six of us there to buy Watches on sale….

    Great price and if you want one you better order and pay online for in-store pick up…..

    Sales person said people were ordering and coming into the store very fast…….gonna sell out by tomorrow if not SOONER…!

  4. My Pebble smartwatch is still $100 cheaper AND I can use it with ANY iOS device (the exception is the iPad 2 because the iPad 2 has an incompatible older Bluetooth spec) running iOS 8.1 or greater.
    No need for purchasing the ONLY latest and greatest iPhone to integrate my smartwatch with. I can use my iPad Pro OR my new 6th Generation iPod Touch with my Pebble.

  5. Umm, okay, but how in the world can you bear to look at that Commadore 64 screen?

    And how do you set up ApplePay?

    Can it interface with the iHealth apps that record my blood glucose and blood pressure to my doctors’ offices when I schedule?

    I just don’t see the health industry rushing into the Pebbble market… and that’s just one of the reasons that I made the purchase…

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