Apple debuts new Apple TV ad, ‘The Future of Television’

Apple has debuted a new Apple TV ad, “The Future of Television,” on U.S. broadcast and cable TV networks.

Apple’s description of the spot on the company’s YouTube channel states:

Your favorite TV shows, movies, games and more are on Apple TV. The future of television is apps.

The 60-second spot is based on color bars and attempts to cover the gamut of features offered by the new Apple TV, including Siri, Netflix, gaming, music, music videos, movies, TV shows, home shopping, and sports:

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s a lot to take in. Hopefully, with repeated viewing, potential Apple TV buyers will be intrigued enough to learn more.


    1. The Apple TV is way overpriced, locked down, hobbled, and has for years been missing content channels like Amazon, simply because “Apple says so”.

      Roku 4 supports 4K, unlike ATV 4, but the new Roku’s quad core processor tends to overheat, thus I would recommend the Roku 3 which is simply outstanding!

      With Roku you have access to much more content up to and including adult content, for half the price of the latest, Tim Cook ATV 4 DISASTER!

      1. Who are you talking to? It is so cute how much you love your Roku – maybe they have Roku blogs so you can talk to your Roku friends about how much you love your Rokus and all the amazing adult content. Could you please just go there and tell them all about how you hate Tim Cook and Apple.

        1. I do not own a Ruko. I bought one for a friend.
          The comment made by, ATV is am also ran product, regarding adult content could refer to content that is not intended for children – as ATV has plenty. – With Plex and Kodo opening up the new ATV – loads of new content of all sorts shall flood the Apple universe.

  1. I’ll stick to my Roku. I own a iphone and I have been using a Mac since 1988 but I have no intent on owning a Apple TV. Just got a Roku 3 for free from Charter and now I’m enjoying live TV with their Charter Spectrum app. I get about 5 HOB’s channels all local TV stations,ESPN, Etc for $19.99 a month.

      1. Not much different than an Apple TV, actually. If you want a real gaming console, get a Playstation.

        But seriously, people, Roku 4 outperforms the Apple TV in every way, including price and content availablilty. One would have to be a total fanboy to pay the Apple tax for an inferior piece of hardware. Maybe in a few years the Apple TV will have the apps to be better, but it’s not even close to Roku right now. ATV is not even in the same league.

  2. I think the ad was pretty terrible actually – for Apple. It just had too much of a dated, vintage feels to feel like “the future of television.”

    I’m an Apple fanboy and I’ve had every iteration of Apple TV since day one including the latest – but I got a Roku in the bedroom last year and actually prefer it, even to the current version of Apple TV. If you’ve actually used Roku for 1-2 years, and have been already downloading and installing TV apps, and using voice control… Then the new Apple TV features were kind of baffling.

    I just got a new Sharp TV for the living room that’s got Roku built-in, and it’s amazing – because there’s no switching inputs ever – everything shows up as an app, including my DirecTV and Apple TV . And what’s really cool is that no matter what I’m watching – DirecTV, Hulu, Netflix, etc. – if I airplay something from my iPhone to Apple TV the Roku TV automatically switches to Apple TV to facilitate the airplay streaming.

    Another killer feature for me is that I can plug my headphones into the Roku remote and listen to whatever I’m watching without disturbing anyone else.

    Meanwhile the Roku already supports 4K and Apple TV doesn’t?

    So again, I’m a fanboy and I certainly wish Apple would have come out with this kind of integrated TV – or at least matched the features that have already been on Roku for a while. But if you’re defending Apple TV without knowing about Roku, you’re just uninformed.

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