Apple Watch changed my life; it’s a great gift for many

“Over the next month, many people will evaluate a smartwatch for a potential gift or personal splurge. I’ve been wearing the Apple Watch for approximately four months,” Maribel Lopez writes for Forbes. “I’ve had the opportunity to watch (no pun intended) the experience evolve and adjust to wearing the watch. Currently, I’m currently wearing the 38 mm, stainless Apple Watch with a Milanese band. I also have the white sports band.”

“It took more than a month of wearing the watch to truly understand it’s benefits. After wearing the smartwatch for more than a month, I liked it. However, I wasn’t sure it had changed my life. Yet, I was wrong,” Lopez writes. “When I stopped wearing it for several days, I realized how much I missed the subtle conveniences the watch provided… I grew accustomed to the tap on my wrist to alert me of an incoming text or phone call from my VIP list. In fact, I’m shocked at how this one item changes your behavior. Notifications mean you don’t have to check your phone every few minutes to see if anything important happened. If it’s important, it will tap your wrist.”

“However, if you aren’t a heavy phone user nor interested in tracking your fitness, this probably isn’t the best product for you,” Lopez writes. “You have to have at least one function that you truly value. In my case, it’s a fitness tracker. Other people it’s the notifications. People always ask me what’s the killer app or reason for owning the smartwatch. For awhile, I was also looking for that big bang. What I’ve discovered is that the watch is wonderful because it integrates into your life in a seamless way, changing your behavior in subtle ways. If you’re an moderate to heavy iPhone user, it’s a great gift.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote back in August:

Apple Watch users’ experiences, even those who were initially naysayers and/or non-wristwatcher wearers, are remarkably uniform: Apple Watch offers bits of improvements and efficiencies throughout the day that add up to a stellar, addicting experience. That’s why Apple Watch customer satisfaction is off-the-charts.

Apple Watch owners understand. Hopefully, this article and many others like it helps those without an Apple Watch to begin to understand, too. It’s like trying to explain “Why Mac” to a Windows PC sufferer. You really have to use one in order to understand. There are just too many details, too many nuances; a list of benefits simply doesn’t do it justice – and that list’s order of importance is different for everybody. With Apple Watch, as with the Mac, it’s the entirety of the experience. It’s indescribable, yet indescribably better.

That’s why we can say, after four months of wearing Apple Watches every single day: You can have our Apple Watches when you pry them off our cold, dead wrists.

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  1. The idea of just one killer app for anything is wrong. When people would tell me “I don’t need a Mac because all I do is email and surf the web” I would say “It’s because that’s all you can do on your PC, you can find a lot of other fun things you can do on a Mac.” My Apple Watch has definitely made communicating better. It’s quick and easy to see if a call, text, or email is important or not. Quickly getting notifications, using a timer, or sending a quick text saves a lot of battery life on my phone. However it has also motivated me to notice my experience habits. I can check a radar for rain, something important in Florida. I can find out what a song is easily. None of these are great everyday apps, together they make my watch something that great.

  2. “However, if you aren’t a heavy phone user nor interested in tracking your fitness, this probably isn’t the best product for you”

    Yeah, that’s me,and that’s also why I’ve not bothered with the Watch. Well, I do use the iPhone a lot, it’s just that I do so with _all_ notifications turned off, with very few exceptions. So I don’t need nor desire a gimmick to alert me for things I don’t want to be alerted for.

  3. “However, if you aren’t a heavy phone user nor interested in tracking your fitness, this probably isn’t the best product for you”

    You’ll need to figure out for yourself if you want one, but I do not agree with this quote.

    I am neither of these things, but I love using my AppleWatch.

    I love being able to quickly check BBC or other postings at work, without having to log into any websites. Or a quick glance at my calendar or email. Just a quick glance to see what’s up & back to work.

    I also love being able to use my own photos on the watch face. Even though it’s small, it is a really gorgeous display.

    And being able to quickly see & respond to phone calls or Message IM’s without having to pull out my phone is great.

    The AppleWatch is still an odd concept I think for most people. It really isn’t about what “it” does, but what it allows you to *not* do with your phone. But I love it for this.

    All of that being said, I have also found myself responding to the Health app, with isn’t a bad thing.

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