I’ve ditched my MacBook for an iPad Pro; here’s why

“The iPad Pro isn’t a viable replacement for a computer for folks who need to run power intensive programs or who need to run lots of apps simultaneously. Still, both it and the 12-inch MacBook are solid choices as secondary computers,” Dennis Sellers writes for Apple World Today. “So, assuming you want a second computer to complement your main Mac, which should you choose?”

“I do most of my work on my iMac. For some time, I’ve been using a MacBook to do my Apple World Today work when I occasionally travel and my iPad Air 2 is always close at hand,” Sellers writes. “Or WAS always close at hand. It and my MacBook will probably be replaced with an iPad Pro. This means one less gadget in my life. The super-sized tablet does work as a reasonable laptop replacement despite the limitations previously mentioned — and it’s the best iPad ever though it may be oversized for some people.”

“Just test one out in person to make sure it’s not too big for you,” Sellers writes. “This iPad is a LOT bigger than any previous Apple tablet.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’re in the same boat, currently evaluating whether to go with the iPad Pro or wait for the next-gen MacBook (and/or MacBook Air, depending on what happens there) for our mobile computers.


  1. But you can’t plug in external drives without a lightning to USB adapter, and with that you won’t be able to plug in portable hard drives; just flash drives and maybe desktop external hard drives. And there’s absolutely no upgradeability.

      1. Transporting/working with gigabytes of data that would take hours to transfer back and forth over a wireless network. I’m not sure what people do with their computers, but for a lot of them it doesn’t seem like much.

        1. But there are drives that can be plugged in and will hold your data, video and music. There are apps that allow transfers to and fro, and there is always iCloud Drive, Box and Dropbox. It isn’t as though there aren’t ways to do this. Corporations are also moving to the cloud, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t.

        2. Files in iCloud Drive still seem to take up space on my Mac regardless of whether it’s stored locally or in iCloud. And the same issue with iCloud Photos. It still consumes 50 GB of storage space on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac even though it’s “in the cloud”.

  2. My daughter’s MacBook AIR has been having issues for some time. We finally decided over the weekend to replace it with an iPad PRO. The realization that the iPad PRO does everything she uses a computer for – internet, word processing, Netflix, email, texting, Facebook, etc. – for a lower price, made the decision that much easier.

    We did buy a Logitech keyboard case for it as well – and while I thought that case was awesome, and highly functional, she did not like that it impedes using the device easily in portrait mode. We are returning that keyboard case, she is happier with a standard leather case we found on Amazon.

    What she really wants is a keyboard dock – similar to what MS shows in their ads for the Surface device. She just wants to dock it – with a cover in place – to use the keyboard when at her desk to use Pages or Numbers, then be able to pull it off the keyboard, with a standard cover attached, to use around the house for non-productivity use. I told her I imagine someone will create that down the road – so for now we’ve got an Apple BT keyboard paired to it.

    GREAT device that works perfectly for her. Now sure it would work for me, but it does for her.

  3. Wait a minute. First he says “I’ve ditched my MacBook”, then he says “It [Air 2] and my MacBook will probably be replaced”. Which is it?

    You can get things like a LaCie Fuel as a wirelessly attached hard drive. Too bad there’s no Finder-like software to move files back and forth.

  4. I’m not sure why anyone would stay with a physical drive these days, you can get several hundred gigabytes of cloud storage for a few dollars a month. I use SugarSync for some 350GB, and it works great across all my devices. Dropbox is also excellent. Apple’s own iCloud is not ready for prime time as a general file storage, but we’re all hoping Apple will some day come around and do something really useful with its cloud computing.

    The iPad Pro with mega cloud storage is an unbeatable combination…

    1. How about those (who are more numerous than you urban dwellers can probably imagine) who simply don’t have access to high-speed/bandwidth internet access… and I won’t even get into affordability.

      Where I live, CenturyLink DSL is it. Nothing else available (satellite or a local wireless provider) is that affordable to the average family or really any better. I know as I had both at different times.

      In addition, CL only has a limited number of lines available. New homes being built do not and will not have CL internet service available. And it isn’t going to get any better as CL has stated they have no intentions to expand service by running more cable. No ROI as far as they’re concerned.

    2. Every time I’ve gone up a screen size, I’ve wondered how the heck I was working on the previous smaller screen. Currently have a 27″ Retina iMac. There is no way a 13″ screen could be satisfactory for most of my work, except for short periods. That would be forbidden under international conventions on “cruel and unusual punishment”.

  5. The day will come when the iPad Pro or another iPad may be able to fully replace a Mac, but to quote the Klingons “not today”. My MacBook Air small, light, does everything I expect a computer to do and more than any iPad can do (at least the things I want it to do). We will need both and Apple will be smart to offer both for at least a few more years. Wait! That’s what they are doing. Very good!

  6. Stop trying to put in a screw with a hammer. The iPad is not for the same work as Mac. If you do a lot of data imputing and mostly work at a desk than a iPad will never meet your needs. If you work away from an office and your work is more visual and sharing than a laptop is not for you. The iPad is great for people who need to show people information; like a salesperson or project manager. Someone who walks around a lot and needs information quickly; hospital staff or warehouse workers. Unfortunately the people who need good software for iPads to be productive don’t know how to comunecate with those who write code. The people who could develop and promote productive iPad software don’t get outside enough to see the needs of others. The iPad has the potential to be the next great leap for computers by expanding into new job categories. Unfortunately there is a social separation between the groups that need to make it happen.

  7. My theory is they’re spending 29-hour days inventing a car from scratch, solving the tens of thousands of problems no one has ever seen before, so they’re trusting the B-Teams and C-Teams to handle the relatively simple tasks like launching ATV and coordinating pens with iPads.

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