Spotify may cut ‘freemium’ to three months, sources say

“Spotify may soon be limiting its free, ad-supported access to just three months, instead of its open-ended, unlimited freemium access plan currently, according to multiple sources,” Paul Resnikoff reports for Digital Music News.

“The three-month ‘proposal,’ advanced most principally by major labels Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment, would allow current, free-access, ad-supported (or ‘freemium’) subscribers to continue their plans for 6 months, while new users would be limited to three months only,” Resnikoff reports. “Spotify is apparently disinterested in curtailing freemium at all, and has advanced the idea that its freemium-to-premium migration path is working. But at ‘just’ 15 million paying subscribers, major label decision-makers remain less-than-swayed, and Spotify’s power in the negotiations has its limitations.”

“The three-month plan would also allow a number of artists and labels to extend past three months, if they so choose,” Resnikoff reports. “Those artists would be grouped into ’emerging’ or ‘up-and-coming’ playlists, similar to an idea being drafted at Apple for its upcoming streaming service (now simply called ‘Apple Music’).”

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  1. Annnnnd….

    I done with Spotify, in that case. Frankly I have been using iTunes Radio, for discovery purposes. I was forming a comprehensive library in Spotify, but if it’s only good for three months, and if I have to pay for it later, I am wasting my time. I will then put my money with Apple.

  2. I know I’m in the minority and I know I’ll get a lot of hate…

    I love free Pandora and Spotify! It has introduced me to so much new music I never would have discovered without them. As a result I have purchased ±50 CDs (yes I still buy CDs – got to have a hard copy) over the last 5 years that I would not have otherwise.

    I’m not suggesting artists should give their work away. But at $10/month…I’d rather have a new CD every month.

    I don’t want to rent music – unlimited at that.
    And so…I won’t.

    1. Probably with Spotify and YouTube is that is it is a total hijacking of the music. You can listen to an entire album over and over again without ever being required to buy it. Pandora, RIDO, iTunes Radio are not the same. They are RANDOM, like radio, hence a more true discovery system of finding new music.

      This is actually a good thing that Spotify will lose their free option. Now they need to find a way to stop YouTube for giving it away without subscription too, since YouTube is the number 1 offender of giving it away for free.

      We are not a nation of SLAVES. We need to understand value in what people create. And if their art touches you, than they should be rewarded for their efforts. Simple. We are not a communist state.

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