Greenpeace: Apple is tech’s greenest

“Most large-scale Internet companies invest heavily in data centers,” David Curry reports for BetaNews. “These data centers run on electricity 24/7, meaning companies like Google, Oracle and Amazon are indirectly pushing the rate of pollution.”

“Some companies went fully green, including Apple who received top marks in Greenpeace’s report, but others are still transitioning or, worse, have not made any efforts to acquire clean energy,” Curry reports. “Amazon, Oracle, eBay and HP are bottom of the list when it comes to clean energy, scoring between 10 and 25 percent. eBay is by far the worst, using 51 percent natural gas, 29 percent coal and 9 percent nuclear, although it is unclear if eBay knows where its energy comes from to power servers.”

The full article with Greenpeace’s full list here.

MacDailyNews Take: As usual, Apple leads the way.


  1. Let me be the first to say: fuck Greenpeace. They’re not an environmental group at all, they’re a marketing outfit that sucks up contributions that could be doing some real good in the world.

    That stunt they pulled in Peru should have fucking bankrupted them.


    1. seriously: fuck Greenpeace
      those asshats stopped at nothing to make a tempest in a teapot and brand Apple as a major polluter in computer product fabrication. Now that is more politic, they sidle up next to the Apple brand to gain some good vibes by association. They should stick with interposing their Zodiac boats in front of whaling vessels.

  2. GP needs to apologize to Apple. That or start doing some of the stupid shenanigans that they subjected Apple for years to those that are failing from the list. How about it GP?

    1. Yes, I remember how Greenpeace bashed Apple and placed it below the likes of HP just because HP has made false (as evident now even in Greenpeace’s own rankings) PR statements on how green they are going to be in the future.


    …. well, better go get wrapped up in the fire blanket (I expect some big flames coming….)

  4. Give it a break. Greenpeace is bogus. Have they ever been to China to see what the “environmentally-friendly” U.S. companies are helping the Chinese manufacturers to dump into the atmosphere. Greenpeace is a disgrace.

  5. I don’t give a damn what Greenpeace thinks about anyone. I’ve witnessed these wackos in action. I served on a nuclear submarine several years ago. These morons would pull up along side us in a diesel powered boat that was spewing oily exhaust and protest our clean running submarine as if we were going to destroy the environment. You get more radiation from a day at the beach than from a U.S. Navy nuclear reactor. As I was driving from the Faslane submarine base in Scotland to a town called Helensburgh I passed by a Greenpeace camp. It was a dump. There was garbage strewn all over and there were old junker cars. What a way to advocate for saving the Earth! Greenpeace is a political organization. They are not true environmentalists. They should be ignored.

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