The Apple Watch’s future is bright — and you can see it in Android data

“You can learn a lot about the Apple Watch… by digging into Android smartphone data,” Matt Asay writes for ReadWrite.

“Specifically, App Annie’s latest report — Insights Into App Engagement: Q1 2015 — How (And How Much) Users Use Their Apps — offers insight into how Android owners use their phones,” Asay writes. “With most usage tied up in communication and social apps, two categories perfectly positioned for the Apple Watch, the future for the Apple Watch looks more like that of the iPhone, not the iPad.”

“As developers figure out how to build for the Watch (rather than merely optimizing a smartphone experience for it), the Apple Watch will move from ‘so-so luxury’ to ‘must-have companion,'” Asay writes. “We’re still a ways from that point, but given our urge to communicate, and the Apple Watch’s ability to streamline our communications, the odds are very good that it will become an enduring hit like the iPhone, not a fading fad like the iPad.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The iPad is not a “fading fad.” iPad simply has a (much) longer lifecycle than than an iPhone. It is not subsidized. iPad is the new personal computer. What iPad is experiencing currently is merely a pause, not an end.


  1. So tired of hearing the iPad is a fad. It’s got a long shelf life. I know people who are on the original iPad. They see no need to get a new one. And they love it. I’ve had mine for 2yrs and love it. No need for a new one yet

    1. “What iPad is experiencing currently is merely a pause, not an end.”

      The use case for the iPad has not been expanded to the point where using it requires upgrading to newer hardware. I’m still very content with my 2nd gen iPad. My daughter, who got my 1st gen iPad, remains content with hers.

      All my computing is done on a 4 yo iMac, while my daughter does hers on a 3 yo MacBook Air.

      It isn’t money that prevents us from upgrading, its a compelling use case.

      Apple designs/manufactures products of such high quality/performance that they see much longer life spans, than do competing products.

  2. Analysts are claiming people stopped buying iPads so they can buy Surface Pros. I wouldn’t doubt there are some people who might have a use for Surface Pros running Windows, but if the tablet market is saturated for iPads then it’s probably close to saturated for Surface Pros once the few people who wanted them get them. I don’t know why these media people keep claiming the iPad is dead because sales have slowed. I’m sure car sales slow but that doesn’t mean nobody will be buying cars anymore. I can’t imagine what these writers are going to get out of trying to kill off the iPad. It’s not hurting Apple any since iPad sales have declined because they’re making more money selling larger iPhones.

    1. …Just to put that in perspective, 12.62 million iPads is about 97 for every minute in the quarter. I wish my business was declining so badly!

  3. Yes, Microsoft reported $1.1B in Surface revenue for the same time period, “mostly from sales of the Surface Pro 3 and its accessories.” No actual sales numbers were released. But you figure it out. Analysts consider this number a success while revenue from iPad and it’s accessories (a product category Apple doesn’t report), must be well over $6B. And that’s a “fad.”

  4. I beg to differ. The future of the Apple Watch looks more like the future of every Android smartwatch, and also the Motorola Xoom, the Blackberry Playbook, and every other doomed piece of tech in the last few years, and that my friend is dismal.

    The Apple Watch is not an “i” thing. I think Apple intentionally named it out of the normal convention, because on some subconscious level they knew it would FAIL.

    No matter how many reviewers they bribe, no matter how many millions they throw at marketing, the Apple Watch will remain for all time another failed tech product without vision or purpose!

    1. Yes well it calls to mind that classic line from Aesop in 1887:
      This Fox has a longing for grapes:
      He jumps, but the bunch still escapes.
      So he goes away sour;
      And, ’tis said, to this hour
      Declares that he’s no taste for grapes.

      If you cannot afford to buy one, just criticize the watch. But in the end, you won’t have one anyway ….

    2. Apple didn’t drop the ‘i’ naming convention because they though it would fail. Haven’t you noticed they have been dropping the ‘i’ across the board.
      AppleTV was the first product to stray from the ‘i’
      iPhoto changed to Photos with the overhaul.
      iCal was renamed Calendar
      New products are replacing the ‘i’ with Apple

  5. I just received the watch two days ago. I am just figuring out how to use it. First and foremost… It is a great watch. It’s other uses will become more apparent with time. No, it will not fail, it will simply become more relevant as the technology matures. While I may not “need” this device, I am delighted to have it, and now I get to experience its emergence… It is a joy to own.

  6. My current set up is a MacPro, iPad Air and Apple Watch, the iPhone 5c is sitting in its dock all day. And it looks like that’s the way it’s going to be, Apple Watch needs to connect to iPad instead of iPhone.

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