“Right now it’s easy to stream any song you want, whenever you want, legally, without paying a penny,” Peter Kafka reports for Re/code. “The big music labels want that to change. Apple says it wants to help them.”

“Apple executives have been telling the music industry it can help them roll back the tide of free digital music by relaunching its own subscription streaming service this year,” Kafka reports. “Unlike Spotify and YouTube, Apple’s service won’t offer a free ‘tier’ of music interspersed with ads — after an initial trial period, you’ll need to pay to play.”

“Apple is negotiating with the music labels for licenses for a revamped version of Beats,” Kafka reports. “Sources say Apple would like to make a splash by getting high-profile artists to distribute their music with Apple before it makes its way to other services.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Get the experience and price right – tall orders, both – and we’ll be there with bells on.