Apple’s push into China is crushing beleaguered Samsung

“Over the last few months Apple has heavily invested in China and it’s starting to hurt Samsung,” Owen Williams reports for The Next Web. “”

“Those efforts are paying off, with China passing the US to become the biggest iPhone market in April this year,” Williams reports. “IDC’s latest study on the Chinese market shows another interesting change last quarter: Apple’s sizable push into the country caused Samsung’s device shipments to collapse.”

IDC: China smartphone shipments Q115

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MacDailyNews Take: Gee, that’s too bad. (smirk)

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  1. Two years ago, most analysts predicted a far different market share order which would have been Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei then Apple dragging in the rear. I’m sure no analyst will offer their apologies for making wrong predictions.

    I’d really enjoy seeing iPhones taking a bit more market share from Android because most predicted such a thing wasn’t possible. It was claimed no one in China would pay more for an iPhone when they could buy a better Android smartphone for less money. That was gravely bad prediction on the analysts part.

    1. They still are. The consensous forecast is for very little growth in 2016. This includes the addition of the Apple Watch, which means the consensous thinks there will be less iPhones sold.

      Some argue that the smartphone market is saturated based on the IDC information that came out yesterday, but they fail to cite other reports that came out last year which proclaimed China Q1 2014 smartphones sales were less than Q1 2013. If the IDC report and these other reports are compared then Q1 2015 was much higher than Q1 2014.

      What about the rest of the smartphone market? A few years ago 6 billion people had cell phones. Some reports say 1.75 billion people had smartphones in 2014. This means the smartphone market still has years of growth left. Additionally, a few analysts are now stating many of the consumers purchasing iPhones over the last few months are Android switchers. This trend will continue to expand because consumers will choose quality for their second or third smartphones versus a cheap device that constantly breaks, doesn’t get timely updates and has one in five apps that are malware. Currently, there is only one company producing quality smartphones with professional support and that is Apple.

    1. True but don’t think the Chinese aren’t copying everything Apple does too. Their brands are even worse than Samsung regarding IP theft, which is really saying something.

      1. True! But they dont have the clout Google does…
        And the fact that Erick “Schidth ” planted himself as a mole in Apples board of directors and stole confidential information is infuriating !
        I want to see google hurt … And if rumors of apple working on a search engine is true…that hurt is coming soon !

  2. While it’s a nice headline, Samsung is nowhere near the “beleaguered” classification.

    Samsung … like cockroaches … isn’t going away anytime soon. 😉

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