Ex-Apple employee Scott Forstall re-emerges on Broadway

Scott Forstall
Scott Forstall
“Scott Forstall, the tech guru who oversaw design of the iPhone and iPad software before leaving Apple Inc. in 2012, has re-emerged—on Broadway,” Stefanie Cohen reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“Mr. Forstall, who hasn’t spoken publicly since his split with the company, is a producer of ‘Fun Home,’ the critically acclaimed Broadway musical that in April received 12 Tony nominations,” Cohen reports. “In an interview last week with The Wall Street Journal, he said he found himself ‘connecting to the themes’ of the musical when he read the script in 2014.”

“Mr. Forstall, a longtime theater lover who started dating his wife, Molly, while they were in a high-school play together, said he has spent the past few years working on philanthropic projects around the world and as an adviser to tech startups,” Cohen reports. “The Wall Street Journal reported that Mr. Forstall, who had a close relationship with Steve Jobs, was asked to leave Apple after the 2012 rollout of a new version of iPhone’s iOS contained a buggy new maps application—and after he refused to sign a public apology letter about its shortcomings. Asked about the split, Mr. Forstall said he was ‘so proud of the thousands of people I worked with [at Apple] and with whom I remain friends. I am delighted that they continue to turn out great and beloved products.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: According to John Gruber: My understanding of Forstall’s ouster is that it was about personality conflicts with other Apple executives, not Maps. The Maps launch certainly didn’t help, but if you want a short summary of why Tim Cook fired him, “because of Maps” or “because he wouldn’t sign the apology for Maps” isn’t it.

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  1. If you took a poll on the 100 places Scott Forstall would end up after Apple, I doubt that many people would have said Broadway. But if Scott is following his passion, more power to him.

    However, I am glad he no longer has a role in designing iOS apps.

  2. Once Jobs was gone Scott probably lost his last real powerful friend at Apple. Thinking maybe he was the heir to the throne made him more arrogant perhaps and when he needed friends there he had alienated too many of the most important ones. I am guessing of course.

  3. I remember reading that he and Jony Ive didn’t agree on all that much. And Jony was going into the “Head of Design” seat (meaning OS and Hardware) with or without Forstall there.

    Those two are different animals. I doubt Forstall was down to start reporting to Jony regarding iOS. Even if it wasn’t a direct report scenario, without Steve Jobs there Jony was now in charge of the look of iOS. Period.

    1. Sad but true. Step by step Ive has destroyed the formerly easy-to-use and efficient software interfaces that Apple offered. Everything takes more clicks than it used to, information is hidden without clicking somewhere. All kinds of processes are hidden — still all too often behind a spinning beach ball without any guidance for the user to know what’s holding up the show. The objective OS reviewer would rate Yosemite below Windows 7, and 5 steps below Snow Leopard.

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