“The prospect of the wondrous Apple taking on General Motors, Ford and other doddering relics of the 20th century is an irresistible storyline,” Rick Newman writes for Yahoo Finance. “It’s also insane, and if Apple ever confirms it’s getting into the auto manufacturing business, shareholders should sell immediately.”

“There’s no doubt Apple (like Google, Sony and others) is deeply interested in the market for automotive software, especially the information and entertainment consoles that are a prime component of every car,” Newman writes. “That in itself is a great growth business to be in.”

“Car buyers can already enjoy Apple’s CarPlay feature on certain models from BMW, Chevrolet, Ford and others. But CarPlay, which only works when you plug an iPhone into the vehicle, is a sort of first-generation workaround compared with the integrated software likely to be commonplace in a few years,” Newman writes. “Imagine an iPhone embedded in the car, operating everything from your lights and garage door opener at home to your trip planning on the road to the car piloting itself under certain conditions… Manufacturing cars — like, on an actual assembly line — is an entirely different business, and an almost indisputably worse one than the business Apple is already in.”

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