“Many are speculating that Apple is working on an electric car and is hiring vehicle design and technology experts. Code named Project Titan, this project is apparently led by former Ford engineer Steve Zadesky, who is presently the VP of product design at Apple,” Sarwant Singh writes for Forbes. “Rumors from the Mac world also suggest that several Apple executives went to Austria to speak with contract manufacturers like Magna, which support brands like BMW, to help Apple on this project.”

“There are two schools of thought here—one is to believe that this is another of those Apple pet projects that might not see the light of day, especially considering it would be silly on Apple’s part to enter a very tough and highly regulated automotive market where the volumes are much less than the smartphone or tablet world,” Singh writes. “The second one, which also lends some credibility, is that Tesla has proven that one can disrupt this traditional automotive market with a really cool product and a completely new customer experience, both of which Apple has immense experience doing with its iPhones, iTunes and, most importantly, its Apple store.”

Singh writes, “Let’s look at some the finer elements associated with this…”

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