“As rumors that Apple is making a self-driving car rev up, a peek under the hood of the company’s famed Industrial Design studio reveals a crew of talented automobile designers,” Leander Kahney writes for Cult of Mac. “An interest in futuristic cars is embedded deep within the DNA of Apple’s vaunted design team. Working under Jony Ive, Apple employs designers who worked on several fantastic concept cars, including a fabric-covered BMW that shifts shape depending on speed.”

“Ive has long been obsessed by cars. (He has quite a stable.) As a teenager, Ive wanted to be a car designer,” Kahney writes. “Apple’s possible interest in automotive innovation comes at a time of accelerating change for the transportation industry. From electric cars and high-mileage hybrids to autonomous vehicles and ride-sharing ventures, the way we move around the planet is undergoing rapid and radical transformation.”

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