“Amid speculation over whether Apple’s increased investment in automobiles could ultimately lead to an iCar, many are overlooking the big battle that’s already taking shape in the auto industry: Who will win drivers’ time behind the wheel?” Phil LeBeau reports for CNBC.

“Think of your car as the last major untapped frontier when it comes to mobility and connectivity.The two primary players fighting for your time, attention and purchasing power are Apple, which introduced its Carplay system last year, and Google, which created Android Auto,” LeBeau reports. “Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are driving toward greater penetration in the auto industry’s ‘phone projection’ market, which takes the capabilities of a driver’s phone and runs them seamlessly through their car.”

“IHS Automotive estimates approximately 600,000 vehicles worldwide were integrated with phone projection systems in 2014. Considering global auto sales last year topped 88 million vehicles, that’s still a drop in the bucket seats. That will change rapidly,” LeBeau reports. “By 2017, 40 million vehicles will be connected to systems such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, said Mark Boyadjis, senior analyst of infotainment for IHS Automotive. He sees that number skyrocketing to a projected 250 million cars in 2020.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “David E.” and “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]