How the Apple Watch will work, as explained by developers

“I’ve talked to several developers who’ve been working with WatchKit, Apple’s framework for smartwatch apps, to learn about the platform’s highlights and lowlights,” Jared Newman reports for Fast Company.

“So many of the Apple Watch’s interactions will be driven by touch that it’s easy to overlook the importance of the Digital Crown, a twisting dial that sits on the side of the device. This seemingly simple flourish actually enables the kind of deep apps that haven’t been possible before,” Newman reports. “‘Our Android Wear app and our Apple Watch app are very, very different, and they don’t really focus on the same things,’ says Amir Salihefendic, whose company Doist creates the Todoist task management app. While Todoist’s Android Wear app is focused on interacting with notifications, the Apple Watch version will give users full control over their task lists. The Digital Crown is ‘a huge reason behind this,’ Salihefendic says, because it allows for more precise interactions.”

“The idea of voice controls on a smartwatch isn’t new, but the Apple Watch will go further than its rivals by directly controlling third-party apps. That means you could launch a to-do list and tell Siri which actions to check off, or open your smart lightbulb app and tell it which rooms of the house to light up,” Newman reports. “No other smartwatch platform allows this level of voice control within apps.”

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