Apple breaks ties with Alabama lobbyist who opposes same-sex marriage

“Apple has ended its relationship with a lobbyist in Alabama who had a record of opposing equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people while serving in the state legislature,” Amanda Terkel reports for The Huffington Post. “Apple recently hired former Alabama state Rep. Jay Love (R) for lobbying work in the state, as first reported by Inside Alabama Politics. As of Tuesday morning, the Alabama Ethics Commission’s list of registered lobbyists still included Love as representing Apple. But Apple, whose CEO Tim Cook is gay and from Alabama, told The Huffington Post that Love is no longer with the company.”

“In 2009, Love gained attention for sponsoring a resolution that praised Miss USA pageant contestant Carrie Prejean for speaking out against same-sex marriage,” Terkel reports. “The year before, while running for Congress, Love aired an ad that touted his position against marriage equality: ‘Jay Love will stand up to the liberals and fight for what’s right. He’ll defend the unborn [and] traditional marriage.'”

“Cook came out as gay in October 2014, becoming the first openly gay CEO of a Fortune 500 company,” Terkel reports. “Last year, Cook also donated money to help fund an LGBT equality initiative in his home state and two other southern states. Alabama recently became the 37th state with marriage equality, although some county officials are refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward W.” for the heads up.]

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      1. Nice walrusing.
        Our nation is founded on liberty, your liberty stops where mine begins.
        Your beliefs are not mine, your fake, fairytale book of lies meant to prop up the white male domination of others is not my law.
        Church and state bro, church and state.

        BTW Fuuuuuuuck You

        1. You might want to go back and research where exactly the liberty this country was founded on is based… That fake, fairytale book. If that book is fake then so is your liberty.

            1. RIght, they come from the proper alignment of cells over billions of years…

              If you are made in insignificance and die in insignificance then your life can have no significance at all.

              However, since man is made in God’s image then man is significant and has dignity and rights which are endowed by the Creator.

            2. So God’s Word teaches us to burn people for scientific statements? Obviously not. So is God’s Word at fault or does the fault lie with people abusing it to achieve their own ends?

              Many evils have been committed by religious men but that is only more reason to know God’s Word so that these evil men can be combatted.

            3. And how exactly is it that you KNOW that the Bible is “God’s word.”

              You don’t.

              You may believe it, but that doesn’t make it true.

              Imagine if you had been adopted by a nice Muslim family at birth. You’d have quite different beliefs now, most likely, wouldn’t you?

              Fact: for 99% or more of the world’s population, their religious beliefs are due to nothing but a circumstance of birth. Chance. Or if your parents had converted to Buddhism when you were 2…your likely be a Buddhist.

              Think about that for a minute, and realize that religion is nothing more than a fairy tale, perpetuated by generations of parents who blindly believe what they were taught growing up, with zero proof whatsoever, and push the same BS down to their own children.

              Someone told you Santa Claus isn’t real, and now you can see through that myth. Religion is just as absurd, if you think about it.

              “He flies through the air in a sleigh, delivering presidents to billions of children in one night!”

              “He died on a cross and arose from the dead, turned loaves into fish”, etc, etc, etc.

              Both are absurd, neither is true, and yet millions of people believe the second one “because the (human written) bible tells me so.”

              Religion is simply a tool for controlling the masses.

            4. Ever hear of ISIS, or Hitler, or Stalin, or Mao Tse Tung, or Pol Pot. Just diagree with them or not, if they don’t like you, you die, – burned, drowned, decapitated, after being raped or tortured just for their fun.

              Evil is ever present in basic humanity, in athiests and religionists, but not all athiests are evil, nor are all religious people. To believe other wise and castigate one group only is sheer ignorance that is meant to appease your own ego!

            5. Hence the washed in the blood of the lamb. You can’t get to heaven by your good works. You can’t get to heaven being a good person. The only way to heaven is to admit your powerlessness, unworthiness, etc and accept that Jesus gave his life for you to make it to heaven. I had this discussion many a time with members of my ex-wifes fundamentalist church in Montana and Washington. Mother Teresa was not saved for an example.

            6. I guess it is part of the great mystery. I have found so many areas of Christian faith where both sides of the paradox are true. Therefore we are worthy of being created in God’s image and redeemed by the blood of the lamb and yet we are also completely unworthy.

            7. Spare us your superstitious drivel. The basic underpinnings of civilised culture pre-date your particular deity construct by over 400 years. Functional societies pre-date the writers of the Torah by thousands of years. You can no more rely on your imaginary super friend for “meaning” than you can rely on the Ten/Eleven/Thirteen/Six Hundred and Thirteen Commandments for a rational system of law.

              Humans fashioned the laws that govern us, just as humans fashioned the gods you want to credit. If you actually want to argue otherwise, first show me your god.

        2. The common phrase “Church and State” statement is used wrong by you ( just like many others). The U. S. Constitution doesn’t separate the Church from the State (go look)!

          This statement came from a letter by Thomas Jefferson. He wanted to protect churches from government.

          Stay away from your fairytale books, and your made up laws (too much mush in your head). Bottom line, everything you said, just shows how little you know, even down to your big fancy words.

          1. No.

            “The First Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that and Article VI specifies that “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.” The modern concept of a wholly secular government is sometimes credited to the writings of English philosopher John Locke, but the phrase “separation of church and state” in this context is generally traced to a January 1, 1802 letter by Thomas Jefferson, addressed to the Danbury Baptist Association in Connecticut, and published in a Massachusetts newspaper.

            Echoing the language of the founder of the first Baptist church in America, Roger Williams—who had written in 1644 of “[A] hedge or wall of separation between the garden of the church and the wilderness of the world”—Jefferson wrote, “I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between Church & State.””

  1. Well, here we go. If the gays don’t get their way, it is bigotry.
    It can’t be about the defense of marriage. No.
    Only bigotry.

    “a lobbyist in Alabama who had a record of opposing equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people”

    So I guess he was for firings, imprisonment, banishment, death, psychotherapy, shock treatments….wait, what?

    He’s for upholding traditional marriage?

    What’s next, gay mafia?
    It’s obvious your agenda has little to do with equality, or laws could have been passed to allow decisions be made by a another person, not just a spouse.

    No, it’s about having a fit and attacking traditions.

    Maybe you should demand the next President is gay, whether he is qualified or not.
    It’s only fair….right?

    1. So if you were running a company, would you hire a lobbyist who supported gay marriage? Of course you wouldn’t, based upon what you’ve written. You would only hire lobbyists who supported traditional marriage. As no one should be able to tell you who to hire, why should you be able to tell Apple who to hire? It’s their business, not yours. Vote with your pocketbook if you don’t like it.

      Additionally, what you (and many others) tout as “supporting traditional marriage” can easily be seen as “denying non-traditional marriage” to others. If that satisfies you, and you hope it stays that way forever, then legislation and financial penalties are the only way to bring about change. Many people must be drug screaming into the 21st century, much like the South in the 1960s. Remember the iconic image of the young woman spewing hate at the black girl attending college? That’s how people who oppose gay marriage appear now (to me). You hate them because they simply want to share in something wonderful, that you are entitled to by benefit of being “traditional.” What exactly do you lose by them being able to marry? Name one way in which your life will be changed for the worse.

      And…after writing all that, I seriously considered deleting it just because trying to have a polite conversation/debate with a bigot is impossible. But, whatever, go ahead and tear me a new one, big boy(s).

      1. So now I am a bigot?
        You compare me to Democrats in the 60’s and then claim the struggles are similar?

        You are waaaaaay out there.

        As far as the business side of this goes, I have no problem with Tim Cook doing what he thinks is best for Apple. They are in the private sector.

        (I’m just glad Steve the vegan didn’t go after us meat eaters)

      2. The question should be..

        What exactly do they gain by being able to “marry”?

        Marriage is between one man and one woman before God. In other words men and woman marry to have God’s blessing on their union and thus to be able to partake in marriage benefits such as sex, which is unlawful outside of marriage.

        Does the LGBT really just want the tax breaks that come with “marriage”? If so then there are other ways to go about getting them. Or is it that they want everyone’s approval and ultimately God’s blessing? Well, unfortunately that will never happen because God has already declared it to be unnatural. That is why I oppose same sex marriage because it is against God’s law and actually not marriage at all.

        An by the way it sounds as if you are more hateful towards “bigots” then they are towards LGBTs. I know some personally and I care for them that is why I tell them what God says about their lifestyle and guess what we get along just fine.

        1. @ TGABTG – “Marriage is between one man and one woman before God.” WTF???

          In the United States – all 50 of them – a marriage license is not issued by God, it is issued by a county clerk or similar governmental official. Marriage is sanctioned by the state, not a religion.

          I might add that people were being married LONG before the advent of Christianity and it is safe to say that considerably more people will be married in the world in 2015 in cultures that do not include the notion of the Judeo-Christian “God” (capital G) than those that do.

          1. Did I say marriage is a Christian invention? It was a creation ordinance and it was established by God as one man and one woman. A marriage license is a man made notion and can vary from state to state, country to country. Marriage however is not man made and thus man cannot change what it is.

            1. Marriage isn’t “God-made”.

              Marriage is a man-made status, that people thousands of years ago decided had to be sanctioned by their God.

              Other religions, not just Christians, invented similar statuses and we now refer to them all as “marriage.”

              BTW, I know that marriage isn’t “God-made” simply because “God” is man-made.

        2. Ummm. No. YOUR idea of christian marriage may be between one man and one woman before god, but that certainly isn’t everyone’s idea. And there are far more issues involved in this than just taxes.
          Personally, I think the traditional idea of god is just a man made fairy tale, invented to explain things early humans couldn’t otherwise explain and to try to impose some sort of social rules before people could figure them out for themselves. Your “God’s law” is just the same as Sharia law – a law based in religion. Religious laws have no place in a country whose constitution guarantees separation of church and state. Neither you nor anyone else gets to ram your fairly tale beliefs down anyone else’s throats; nor do you get to impose restrictions on what people who believe differently to you can or cannot do based on your religious “law.”
          If I were to believe in god, I’d want god to be a loving and accepting god, not something that discriminated against people supposedly made in its image. Many in the LGBT community are christian. I suspect they want to believe in that sort of god too. And that’s their right. Just like it’s their right, in a country where discrimination is against the constitution, to get married.

          1. If God doesn’t exist then belief doesn’t matter anyway. We are all just a bunch of grown up germs, who cares what germ lives with what germ, who cares about marriage! Why are germs worried about getting married in the first place? Just do whatever you want, kill whomever you want, steal from whomever you want, we are just a bunch of germs!!!

            1. I see. If it weren’t for the good book,
              you’d kill your neighbors, and steal anything that wasn’t locked down? I don’t need a book, or the threat of burning for eternity to tell me how to behave properly

            2. Really, who tells you how to behave properly? The chemicals gurguling in your brain, the electrical impulses?

              If there was no God then in the words of Paul the apostle, “Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die” Yeah, Dave Matthews apparently read the Bible.

        3. Having been interested to learn before I formed an opinion on this some time ago when the question arose here I researched marriage and the man and women aspect is a Christian (and certain others) interpretation pre existing civilisations and belief systems thought and indeed still think and define it differently. Not sure why any one set of beliefs should be deemed superior to any other especially when they have no evidence that their ‘creators’ even exist let alone condone it. So why not let those who think different, exercise their right to ‘traditional’ marraige as they see it and that pre dates our present view of what is traditional marriage should be. Since when is equality for those not considered mainstream deemed bigotry?

    2. If the man tries to abuse human rights due to his personal beliefs, it is a bigotry, no other way around it. No one tries to force the man marry other men and no one tries to ban different sex marriages, so it is time for him to pay the price for being horrible person that wants to harm others for the sake of his own ideas.

    3. You won’t get anywhere with the decadent “if it feels good do it” types that are so prevalent here. They want to bask in their immorality and proclaim it to be decent and natural. They simply want to make it the norm that anything goes. Anything THEY approve of, that is.

      1. Type for you to get yourself some gosh darned edumacation. Homosexual behavior is common throughout the animal world. So it seems like it is “natural.”
        And no-one is forcing you to have a gay relationship. Do what feels right and natural to you. But you don’t get the right to judge others who were made differently. Sexual orientation is a genetic thing, you know. It could just as easily have been you.

        1. The study to which you implicitly refer was withdrawn, and disclaimed, by its creator. Homosexual PAIRING (which is what you’re really saying) doesn’t EXIST in the animal world; the behavior to which you refer is dominance behavior, not pairing.

    4. You can’t be upholding something that infringes on the rights of others. Gay people should have equality before the law, including marriage. For you, and others who don’t want gay marriage, then don’t marry someone of your own sex. That’s ALL you have a right to, to make your own choices about YOUR life. Stay out of everyone else’s. And traditional marriage is far from what you seem to have dreamed up, BTW. For eons, women were property, and men could marry multiple wives. THAT is traditional marriage, but it’s just as much bullshit as your silly rant.

    5. Preface: I’m not gay, and I’m not religious, so I have no horse in this race.

      So, objectively….what is religion’s issue with gay marriage? Fear? Because “the bible says Jesus defined marriage between man and woman?”

      Well, the bible also defined certain people as being slaves (I forget the verse, but look it up…there are passages showing perfect acceptance of slavery). The bible also defined women as being subservient to men. Most don’t see it that way now, either…..but but but but….the bible says it!!!!

      How does gay marriage hurt religious people?

      IT DOESN’T.

      How does gay marriage benefit gay people? In many ways. It provides the same emotional bond, but far more importantly, it provides rights.

      Imagine your loved one being deathly ill and you can’t even get in to see him/her because “it’s family only.”

      You have NO SAY in their treatment options even though you’re in love and have lived together for 20 years, just as a husband and wife would.

      Imagine that loved one dying and you becoming embroiled in a legal battle with their family because you don’t qualify as spouse, so may actually lose the home you shared with your partner. Even if they left all to you in a will, wills can be contested, and if the judge happens to be against gay marriage, you’re likely screwed.

      The list goes on.

      The point being: religious people oppose gay marriage because of what some book tells them (& the guy who reads from that book, aka “preacher”).

      But it doesn’t hurt them AT ALL, and it affords the same protections to others as straights enjoy, therefore is only fair.

      Or, as I once heard a comedian say: “I’m in favor of allowing gay marriage. Gay people should be able to fuck up their lives the same as straight people do.”


    1. So Tim Cook is a bigot because he prefers not to hire someone who actively lobbies against banning discrimination against Tim Cook? Really?? Have you thought that out at all??

  2. “..a record of opposing equality..”

    lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender are equal and have the exact same rights as any person to marry. The problem is they don’t want to get married they want something entirely different. This isn’t an issue about equality but rather an issue of acceptance.

    1. Exactly, and the militant wing will never he happy because they are self-loathing.

      After this there will be another rallying cry for the next issue they will use to shame the common-sense gays into siding with them, which really hurts their movement overall.

      Too bad.

      1. Actually that’s not the issue. Marriage by definition is between a man and a woman and thus you can’t get married no matter what “rights” you have. Being fired for your life choices is a completely different issue and I agree with you that if you are fired because of some choice that doesn’t affect your work performance is discriminatory and wrong.

        1. There you go again. “Marriage by definition is between a man and a woman . . . .” Whose definition?? Your god’s?? That doesn’t count in this country. If you want to live by religious laws, go to somewhere like Saudi Arabia or Iraq or Iran. They have some strict ones there.

            1. How do you know it’s god’s word?
              Because it says it is.

              You do realize that EVERY religious book says the same?
              But this is the only one that is correct.

              How do you know that?
              Because it says so.

              Yehhhh, right. It’s the word of god because it says it’s the word of god.

              If it’s the word of god, much of it is the word of a petty, raving, vindictive psychopath…

              “I kill…I wound…I will make mine arrows drunk with blood and my sword shall devour flesh.” Deuteronomy 32:39-42

              Did you know, for example, that God:
              • Forced friends and family to kill each other for dancing naked around Aaron’s golden calf?
              • Burned Aaron’s sons to death for offering him strange fire?
              • Burned complainers to death, forced the survivors to eat quail until it literally came out their noses, sent “fiery serpents” to bite people for complaining about the lack of food and water, and !!!!! killed 14,700 for complaining about his killings !!!!!?
              • Buried alive those that opposed Moses (along with their families)?
              • Burned 250 men to death for burning incense?
              • Rewarded Phinehas for throwing a spear though the bellies of an inter-tribal couple while they were having sex?
              • Ordered, assisted in, or approved of dozens of complete genocides?
              • Accepted human sacrifice in the cases of Jephthah’s daughter and Saul’s seven sons?
              • Helped Samson murder 30 men for their clothes, slaughter 1,000 with the jawbone of an ass, and kill 3,000 civilians in a suicide terrorist attack?
              • Smote the Philistines of several cities with hemorrhoids in their secret parts?
              • Killed a man for trying to keep the ark of the covenant from falling and 50,070 for looking into the ark?
              • Approved when David bought his first wife with 200 Philistine foreskins?
              • Killed King Saul for not killing every Amalekite as he told him to do?
              • Slowly killed a baby to punish King David for committing adultery?
              • Killed 70,000 because David had a census that he (or Satan) told him to do?
              • Sent a lion to kill a prophet for believing another prophet’s lie, another lion to kill a man for not smiting a prophet, and some more lions to kill people that didn’t fear him enough?
              • Killed 450 religious leaders who lost a prayer contest with Elijah and burned 102 men to death for asking Elijah to come down from his hill?
              • Sent two bears to rip apart 42 boys for making fun of Elisha’s bald head?
              • Killed 27,000 Syrians by having a wall fall on them, sent an angel to kill 185,000 sleeping soldiers, interfered in human battles to kill a half million Israelites and a million Ethiopian soldiers?
              • Killed King Ahab for not killing a captured king, and then sent King Jehu on a series of mass murders to kill all of Ahab’s family and friends who had ever “pissed against a wall?”
              • Killed Jehoram by making his bowels fall out?
              • Killed Job’s ten children in a bet with Satan?
              • Killed Ezekiel’s wife and told him not to mourn her?
              • Killed Ananias and Sapphira for not giving Peter all their money?
              • Killed King Herod by feeding him to worms?

              And that’s just some killings. We could also go into how to send out your daughters to be gang-raped, how to treat slaves and more. Lovely, just lovely.

      2. Why does your employer know who you married?

        Your employer could fire you because they don’t like the gate and your staff. The reality is that if the employers don’t like you, no matter what the reason is, they will make up a reason to get rid of you. It doesn’t matter who you’re married to, what your orientation is, what tattoos you have, where the language that you use. If they don’t like you, they will get rid of you. It is a little bit disingenuous to make the assumption that you’re only going to be fired because you’re married to someone that is disagreeable to your employer. People get fired for a lot of different reasons. If you were to actually get fired because of who you were married to, yes, that would not be right. But let’s face it, employers do a lot of different things that are not right. So getting fired is not just a gay issue…

    2. I guess you are right. If two people of the same sex get married, you must accept it. If, say, you are a tax preparer and your same-sex clients say they are married, filing jointly, that’s how you have to fill out the forms. Is that some kind of problem for you?

      In the case of the politician, Apple was paying him money to advocate its position and he stated he opposed some of Apples positions on issues, so maybe Apple shouldn’t be paying him to oppose them.

    3. Another variant on the “changing the definition of marriage” tripe. Gay people getting to marry the non-related adult of their choice does not redefine marriage. Did women getting the right to vote redefine voting?

  3. Translation: “we don’t tolerate people that don’t tolerate other people.”

    I’m not advocating a party. I’m not advocating a belief system. I’m not saying apple is right or wrong, justified or unjustified…but that is what they have just said/done – they don’t tolerate people that don’t tollerate other people.

    Talk amongst yourselves.

  4. I hope this man was very vocal about this belief to deserve disassociating the company from him. And I hope Apple will never get to the point of firing employees for any inwardly held beliefs, regardless of how different or unpopular they may be.

    1. I see Apple’s point on this. If the gentleman was Apple’s lobbyist and they are lobbying for same-sex marriage then of course they wouldn’t want him as a lobbyist.

  5. Can anyone here show me a Bible passage that says it’s every person on Earth’s job to judge. Seems that’s reserved for another being. If this is your religion, you should probably check that out.

    1. John 7:24
      1 Corinthians 5:11-13
      1 Corinthians 6:1-3
      Romans 12:9

      To name a few. Christians must judge because we are called to live righteous lives and fleeing from evil is part of that. We must not judge people with a harsher judgment than we judge ourselves but ultimately we must all be perfect according to God’s judgment or law. Of course no one is perfect in regards to this and thus Christ is necessary, since He lived a perfect life in our place and died to take away God’s wrath for our sins.

    1. Conservatives are not at odds with progress. You believe that progress is only defined by YOU. You consider rampant abortion progress for instance. The fact that more black children were aborted than were born in New York is progress to you. Conservatives don’t see that as progress. The mother of planned parenthood would agree with you though. She intended for legal abortion to be a form of eugenics.

      More people are on economic government assistance than ever before in this country. Again, conservatives don’t consider this progress.

      The cultural dissolution of the nuclear family is progress to you. It has resulted in more people in jail in this country than any other. This is progress to you.

      Many people in the middle class work as much as 40% of their lives to pay taxes. Call that progressive if you like, I call it slavery.

      Millions of illegal aliens entering the country and being given driver’s licenses, free medical care, as well as being allowed to vote, is considered progress by liberals.

      Conservatives and liberals backed THE civil rights movement in this country. I consider that progress.

      Change is not, by definition, progress. Progress occurs when things get better. Just because you think something is better, doesn’t make it progress.

  6. People here need to read the latest science. The same-sex attracted individuals are just the most visible part of a larger group which includes their heterosexual relatives. If you want to hate gays then you should, in fairness, hate all their female relatives who also have the same gene complex that makes them have an enhanced attraction to male traits (and more babies than other women). Findings like these are the reason that things are changing so fast, even powerful forces like the Anglican Church realise that these traits are a) beneficial to large numbers of people, b) are not actually spread by LGB people (hence no need to persecute them on false charges of promotion or recruitment), and c) if they were to really maintain their opposition to these traits then all the sisters mothers and aunts would have to go as well (and who knows how big that number is!).

    When you realise that the situation at the scientific understanding level has actually changed in the past decade, you’ll realise also why opposition is fading fast. The prejudice is no longer justifiable or even remotely fair.

    1. Why do you think everything is hate? i respect the rights of people to marry whomever see fit. I also respect the rights of people who have certain religious beliefs to practice them, even though I’m an atheist.

      In this respect, Tim Cook is a hypocrite. On the one hand he states that there are people who are afraid to practice their religion, on the other he has Apple punish a lobbyist for practicing his religion.

      In other words, practice your religion, unless I don’t like it.

      1. The hypocrites are the liars who claim their bigotry is “freedom of religion” while they ignore literally every other “law” in the Bible. Salad bar cherry pickers that hide behind “faith” when they are called on their bigotry.

        Ticket to the clue train: you don’t actually have a case when you want to hide your intolerance behind a collection of myths and tall tales that would have you murdered for eating shellfish or wearing a poly-cotton blend shirt.

      2. Thelonious: you say “Tim Cook is a hypocrite. On the one hand he states that there are people who are afraid to practice their religion, on the other he has Apple punish a lobbyist for practicing his religion.”
        You’re mistaken. Cook didn’t punish the lobbyist. He just decided to stop rewarding him by employing him. The lobbyist is free to continue “practicing his religion”; he can just do it without Apple’s help and money.

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