The National Organization for Marriage has launched a nationwide video comparing Steve Jobs to “Big Brother.”

According to the group’s press release, this was done “as a result of Apple’s decision to remove an app in support of traditional marriage and pro-life from the iTunes store.”

Here is the rest of the National Organization for Marriage’s press release, verbatim:

The app was created by the Manhattan Declaration, an organization of Christians who support traditional marriage, life and religious liberty. The video, found here, called “The Iconic Steve Jobs” will be emailed to Christians across the country, including NOM’s own 800,000 supporters, as well as be widely distributed through social media.

“Steve Jobs built his reputation as an iconic marketer in the famous 1984 commercial for the MacIntosh computer in which Apple promises to take on ‘Big Brother’” said Brian Brown, president of NOM. “Jobs has made billions taking on ‘Big Brother’ yet the irony is that in refusing to allow citizens to support pro-life and traditional marriage positions he’s become the very ‘Big Brother’ he has decried.”

The Manhattan Declaration has been signed by nearly 500,000 Christians who pledge their support for pro-life, traditional marriage and religious liberty. Launched in Manhattan in November 2009, the Declaration – called “A Call of Christian Conscience” – enjoys the support of prominent Christian clergy, ministers and scholars. The app was developed to facilitate other Christians to sign the Declaration. The app was approved by Apple reviewers and rated 4 plus, certifying that it contains no offensive content. Despite this, Apple pulled the app from the iTunes store when gay marriage advocates mounted an online petition. An Apple spokesperson defended the action saying that the Christian app was “offensive to large groups of people.”

“Apple happily allows all kinds of apps for pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage groups, yet when Christians develop an app to support traditional marriage and life, it is called offensive and is pulled from the iTunes store,” Brown said. “What is offensive is that Steve Jobs has targeted Christians for discrimination and religious bigotry, censoring our basic right to speech. Steve Jobs has become Big Brother and we call on Christians across America to contact Jobs to express their outrage at his unfair, discriminatory decision. Apple should immediately restore the Manhattan Declaration app and apologize to all Christians for their actions.”

Source: National Organization for Marriage

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