Samsung’s iPhone 6/Plus nightmare unfolding before its eyes

“Even though it’s still selling a massive number of smartphones each quarter, Samsung’s sales and revenues have been suffering lately as the company faces increased competition in emerging markets,” Chris Smith reports for BGR. “Another big factor has been the battle with Apple’s 2014 iPhones, which have both been selling tremendously well since their launch.”

“In fact, Apple’s iPhone 6 models may have helped the company sell well over 70 million iPhones in the Christmas quarter, which may be enough to threaten Samsung’s smartphone sales dominance,” Smith reports. “Not only did Apple potentially sell nearly as many smartphones as Samsung did last quarter, but it also sold more expensive handsets than Samsung. In traditional fashion, Apple did not chase market share by launching the mythical cheap iPhone that many people have been dreaming of, instead choosing to focus on the high-end market.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Pour on the pain, karma, you beautiful thing you!

An iPhone with a larger screen option will hurt Samsung immeasurably more than myriad, unending traipses through the legal morass.MacDailyNews, May 2, 2014

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    1. Bankruptcy? Nah, I’d prefer an gradual but excruciating drift into irrelevancy now that Apple is eviscerating their mobile profits.

      And they make some nice range/ovens now. ;-}

        1. My friend sold refrigerators for awhile from Samsung and various other brands. She said they broke down more than any of the other brands. So even their (copied) appliances are junk.

  1. I don’t think in all the tech galaxy you will find a corporation so steeped and writhing a wretched hive of copying scum and villainy as Samsung. They must pay the price for the unsustainable-for-long lack of their own homegrown vision. They are now behind the puck and so are phucked.

        1. Yes I know. I was referring to Xiaomi being “a wretched hive of copying scum and villainy” on a level comparable to Samsung.

          On a sidetone being personally involved with Korean education since 2009 I do not expect Samsung’s behavior to change any time in the near future.

  2. Samsung’s dominance of BOGOF smartphone sales will almost certainly continue. They will also dominate the free (as in worthless) low-end handset market. Another dominant market Samsung excels at is landfill operators where 9 out of every 10 Samsung products will be buried to help save on warehouse costs.

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