Apple TV gets ‘120 Sports’ channel

“Apple TV users will notice a channel refresh today adding ‘120 SPORTS’ to the lineup,” Zac Hall reports for 9to5Mac.

“Apple TV users can view content through the 120 Sports channel without a cable subscription or any other paid membership,” Hall reports. “120 Sports says it updates daily with more than 10 hours of free content to watch from the MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA Tour, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, NASCAR and more.”

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      1. OK, I get it. I didn’t read the article.

        I deserve the down votes.

        But it’s just a chip on my shoulder that ATV requires a cable subscription to watch so many channels.

        I’m a cord cutter and the cable subscription requirement drives me crazy.

      2. Actually you don’t need a cable subscription to watch some of the content on those apps. The History one for instance has tons you can watch without needing a subscription.

  1. Does “free content” include actual sports coverage? Because usually free sports content means a bunch of news and highlight shows.

    Whatever. My Apple TV is gathering dust while I wait for Apple to upgrade the platform. The channels I watch the most are all available on our PS3, and generally look better, so I’ve been watching everything on that.

    I will buy a new Apple TV the instant Apple releases one, but until then, I just don’t really care about all the new channels they’re cluttering the screen with.


  2. Note to Apple: there is a huge audience out there not being served by your US centric ATV service. It’s way past time that you signed agreements with some of the big players outside the US.
    I have an ATV and the only service of any ‘use’ to me is Netflix.

  3. here is what apple should do:

    get the NFL, MLB and the NBA on Apple TV. Give Apple customers access to all of them for $20/month. All teams, All markets, all games live and replays. To Macs, Apple TVs, iPhones and iPads.

    then get each of the five major sports leagues ACC, SEC ect and give them to customers at $10 each per month.

    Then what happens: good bye CATV companies. good bye Microsoft. 🙂

    PS: the NFL is by far the most arrogant when it comes to streaming. Taxpayers should cut them off and charge owners and players a 200% tax on salaries and profits until they learn their lesson. In contrast MLB audio is very simple to use and reasonably priced.

    1. I continue to be angered by the tax breaks given to the NFL and other major league sports. Look it up. It’s absurd that they’re given the status they have (tax-wise), given how much money those jerks make.

    2. Apple should also give us an all-service search function on tv so if I want to find a movie it can tell me if that movie is available on Netflix, HBO, FX, BBC, etc.

      Apple should also give us an app that runs on Mac OS and Windows that enables us to both control our tv from a computer as well as make interface changes on the computer.

  4. My Apple TV is still connected to my receiver but I use a Roku 3 for most things now. I finally got tired of the lack of updates and minimal content. We badly need an app enabled Apple TV and I don’t see whats taking so long. Apple just keeps losing market share that they may never get back.

    1. Same here. Apple TV gets used once a month or so. Roku pretty much daily. Outside of the USA the Apple TV is just a wireless HDMI connector replacement for an iPad.

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