1. Worse, the lack of enthusiasm and applause made the event seem maudlin. Several times execs paused for an applause break and the audience was like “oh no you jus didint… Expecting us to applaud for a feature OSX has been rocking for um, how many months/years?”.

      Oh, the humanity.

  1. There were some interesting announcements in the event, even if you hate Microsoft. One that I recall was the XBOX app that will come with every copy of Windows 10. After listening to everything it will do I came away with, “So I will be able to play X-BOX games on my Mac when booted under Windows 10!” Thanks Microsoft!

    1. Like Apple Keynotes. I will wait till it’s over and watch it at leisure. I plan to do this with the MSKN. So now you are letting out spoilers. From what I see, some grand things, but what I expect is essentially a no-show. Kinda like the original Microsoft Surface computer. You know the one you got to see at Disneyland. That’s the Microsoft I know. Tapping into their labs to produce propaganda without really committing to bring it to the people.

      MS showed us Surface, where as Apple delivered it. If you don’t know what I mean, while Apple and MS both produce concept videos, Apple’s most famous is the Knowledge Navigator, Microsoft showed us Surface. It was my impression, this was actually working tech. We waited and waited. Nothing. Then the iPhone came out and I was thinking, “What about all that stuff Microsoft showed us?” Now I know, and it seems to be all the same.

      Some whimsical demo, because they don’t have enough to talk about.

  2. We see this all the time around San Francisco on the local news. Every time they show the offices of some new high-tech start up everyone is using Macs. So much for industry being wedded to Windows.

  3. How amusing. They thoughtfully provided surfaces to prop the Microsoft Surfaces on for those few journalists who need a table or flat space to use their kick stands on. Not too comfortable to use on knees like MacBooks. . . or iPads. It is nice they took out rows of seats to put in those nice thin tables for the Microsoft Surface users. . . and a few Apple notebook users who wanted to use a desk. ROTFLMAO!

  4. Having Apple logos at the Windows 10 event should not be used against Microsoft. Let’s be fair.

    Microsoft is a software company. Not a hardware company.

    The fact that everyone had Macs is an indicator of the absolute crap out there in the PC market. Ok, ok, we love OSX, too.

    But you gotta admit, PC hardware is crap. I was just at the store yesterday marveling at all the PC’s running windows 8. All crap.

    I will be happy to run Windows 10 on Parallels on my Mac. Especially cuz I need it to run those two or four programs I have that don’t have OSX counterparts (biostar, homeworks, and visual studio, sales server)

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