Enterprise use of Apple products rising frantically, but IT resources lagging

“If you’re an enterprise that still doesn’t support Apple devices, you’re part of a slim and shrinking minority, according to a new report from Dimensional Research… sponsored by JAMF Software,” Michelle Maisto reports for eWeek. “To answer a question of whether Apple devices are being managed as effectively and efficiently as other devices, the firm surveyed more than 300 IT professionals. It found that more than 90 percent of businesses support Apple devices; specifically, 91 percent are supporting iPhones, 89 percent support iPads and 60 percent support Macs. More than half said they’re supporting between 50 and 500 Apple devices; 14 percent said they support between 500 and 1,000 devices and 11 percent between 1,000 and 5,000. The report, released June 10, called the pace of Apple adoption ‘frantic.'”

“User preference (78 percent) was the top reason cited for supporting Apple, the Dimensional Research study found, followed by higher productivity (35 percent) and the need for apps only available on Apple devices (29 percent),” Maisto reports. “When asked about the biggest challenges to supporting Apple devices, 50 percent said the readiness of their enterprise, just as many said the cost of supporting Apple devices, and 44 percent said inadequate tools for managing Apple software.”

“Twenty percent of respondents also said they expect to hire more staff to manage Apple devices, and 40 percent said they’ll receive additional budget specifically to support Apple. Yet 43 percent said they wouldn’t receive a budget increase, and 60 percent said existing staff will need to educate themselves about Apple,” Maisto reports. “Apple, during its June 2 introduction of iOS 8, said it will offer new features for enterprise users when the OS arrives this fall. These will include new deployment tools for IT, so that devices can be provisioned online (instead of physically and one by one); expanded security features; and the ability for users to see how their devices are configured, managed and restricted.”

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  1. The campaigns of Alexander the Great proceed apace, laying waste both to the lands ahead of him, and to the pretensions of those high-born pretenders who once owned them, and reckoned themselves invincible

  2. Celebrate with Caution. What the eWeek story is reporting is that Enterprise companies are having difficulty supporting Apple devices due to a shortage or lack of trained IT staff.

  3. Great feel good spin. Best to take with a grain of salt if you’re thinking it means more than is written. There is no context on how big the Apple investment is in comparison to other devices in the same categories. But great to see that Apple products are well received in enterprises.

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