BOXX belittles Apple’s Mac Pro in new commercial (with video)

“The PC workstation manufacturer BOXX has come out with a humorous video commercial focused on debunking Apple’s new Mac Pro workstation,” Architosh reports. “While the aim isn’t to deprive Apple of attaching the ‘workstation’ badge onto an otherwise qualified professional computer, the ad does pokes fun of the many limitations inherent in the new Mac Pro. Limitations that have not been lost on many users.”

“To BOXX’s credit it notes that Apple’s focus on the professional market and its troubles with demonstrating attention and commitment to pros all started with the release of Final Cut Pro X,” Architosh reports. “Credit is fair because this accurately reflects their attention to what has been happening in Apple’s pro community. Labeled a “regressive release” Final Cut Pro X has been steadily improved but the fallout initially was quite damaging.”

“To be fair there are several items mentioned in the video that really shouldn’t be there at all,” Architosh reports. “Only a small percentage of high end pros truly want a over-clocked system. Dell, HP, Lenovo, and the like rarely if ever produce over-clocked systems. Their mainstay workstations are clocked normally. The same comment would apply to liquid cooling and other such hot-rod trickery.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: BOXX is scared. Creative professionals use Macs. Period.

That said, hey, Tim and Phil, how about some Mac ads (that don’t suck) for a change? It’s not like you’re hurting for money, you know. A product that moves over 4 million units every 90 days deserves some promotion, doesn’t it?


  1. And who the hell are BOXX when they’re at home? I’ve honestly never heard of them, and I’m not exactly ignorant of high-end tech stuff.
    Methinks they doth protest too much.

    1. You probably don’t do high end 3d or film, which seems to be their niche. BOXX has been around for a while, and for the most part they make decent, fast, customizable computers. They don’t compare ounce for ounce to the mac pro, but if your shop runs windows or linux you could do way worse. It’s less the case now, but there is still some major software out there that is windows only.

      1. There are some inaccuracies with your statement.

        I am speaking from experience, doing 3D motion graphics work as a part of a large production pipeline.

        All of our artist and editor workstations are Mac Pro’s. But, when we started looking into creating a render farm with machines dedicated to the task, we discovered that we could get 16 core Boxx blades for 40% less than a 12 Core Mac Pro, and those blades render frames 60% faster than said Mac Pro, so we purchased several, and they now reside in our server room. Yes, they run Windows, but only our IT people ever have to interface with them in that way.

        Having said that, the question might be, “Well, if the Boxx machines are that much faster and cheaper by way of comparison, why continue to use Mac Pro’s as workstations?” The answer here is, of course multi-facteted, but the biggest technical reason is that the Boxx blades are not designed to be workstations.. they ship with either no GFX card (as you can interface with them virtually), or a very rudimentary one. Also, while multiple cores is optimum for tasks associated with rendering, most of functions of the software used in creating scenes are single threaded, so the it’s actually better for workstations to have the highest individual clock speed possible. Machines with fewer cores tend to have higher clock speeds on the cores they do have.

        Of course, this means the 12-core workstations that we have are not the most optimum per the guidelines mentioned, but those machines do serve as additional render nodes when not in active use, so a best of both worlds solution was needed.

        1. Your statement is equally inaccurate. You’re comparing a workstation to a render node. I was comparing equally speced machines. No one in their right mind is going to throw together a rack full of mac pros to just do frame rendering. Unless your software is GPU and CPU intensive, then it starts to make sense.
          I know plenty of folks that use BOXX workstations (not blades, which I never mentioned) with whatever card they care to pay for, who cares what it ships with. When you try to mimic the pro’s specs in a PC you start to realize how much bang for buck you’re getting.
          This has been the high end mac vs PC argument for years, and it’s a pretty stupid one. It sounds exactly like the crappy commercial above.

          1. The inaccuracies to which I was referring are your assertion that the Boxx machines do not compare “ounce for ounce to the mac pro” which is demonstrably false, as well as your comment “…but if your shop runs windows or linux” Which is an implication that Mac – based houses would see no benefit from such a machine – also demonstrably false.

            And no, you didn’t mention blades, but then your post lacked specificity in that regard. Such is a moot point though, as I was merely pointing out that Boxx makes machines that 1 – Can render faster than Mac Pros, and 2 – Are of value in shops that are Mac-centric.

            Thanks for playing though. 😉

    2. Funny timing on this article – I was at a local engineering firm’s presentation last night. They were using a GoBOXX laptop to present the 3D modeling software used in design. The laptop was 2 years old – 8 core, 24GB RAM, and two 500GB SSD drives. I forgot to ask about the graphics, but I believe the engineer said it cost $10k.

      Pretty impressive machine.

        1. I didn’t say any company mocking any company. I pointed at what I think is a very high statistical correlation between the mocking of Apple and a company not doing well.

        2. If some one is taking the time to spend money on attacking your product. It would be a safe bet that in someway that product is damaging your sales or profits. It would be also reasonable to assume that Apple is harming Boxx or at least proving to be a threat.

  2. Ok, if Apple could have made more then Apple could have sold more then the “over 4 million units every 90 days”. Apple could advertise more but they need to make enough to keep up with the demand which they can not do yet. There is still a 3 to 5 week lead time on the Mac Pro!!!

    And yes, Apple needs to pull the PR advertising group either out of retirement or the local bar.

    1. I watched the ad and it was well done addressing the very upper end of the market which may be a very small part of that market. I am sure that most professional users will fall short of the maxed out box that was being described.

      However, the cigarette butt really made me laugh out loud because I know the price of that Mac Pro. Apple needs to hire that advertising firm. Apple’s ads use to be very funny and informative to watch. I always looked forward to the next ad that Apple made on a regular basis crushing Microsoft and Windows. You know, the good old days when everyone knew Apple was cool and they wanted to be too! TIM COOK, WATCH THIS ADVERTISING BEAT DOWN AND TRY TO LEARN SOMETHING THAT APPLE USE TO KNOW!!!

      1. I’ll second this. Apple’s commercials are milk-toast these days. I used to love watching iPod commercials, and the Think Different campaign choked me up a couple of times. But now… meh. Where’s the edge? the humor? A couple were good, like the kid doing the video during the holidays, but even that was a long run for a short slide, and it exceeded most people’s attention spans.

    2. People shouldn’t expect more than 4 million units every 90 days. They are made in USA and it isn’t known for production speed (or even quality in the automotive industry). But the workers do make more money than other assemblers in the world.

      1. Is your Canadian hatred for the USA clouding your logic circuits?

        Apple sold 4M Macs last quarter. Only you say they are all made in the USA.

        Apple sold 4M Macs last quarter. Only you imply they are constrained because of slow production in the USA.

        1. I have no ‘Canadian hatred’ for the USA. My opinion of the once glorious United States has lowered since my childhood based only on the facts. Production is down and energy consumption is up, gun ownership is up and crime rates are up, not everyone in the world despises US arrogance and imperialism – it just seems that way. The US still has it within them to change their ways and recover some of the lost values and virtues to once again become a great nation. They have to realize how big of a task it will be and then endeavour to make the changes.

          1. Actually, my Canadian friend, where legal gun ownership is up, crime goes down. That happens everywhere it’s implemented. . . and where guns are made illegal, crime goes up. . . everywhere that’s implemented. Rapes, burglaries of occupied dwellings, strong-arm robberies, home invasions, robberies at gun point, ALL up.

            You will find that the crime, and even gun crime rate in the US, if you exclude just six inner-city areas where GUNS AREA ILLEGAL, is far lower than almost every nation in the world. As it is, even including those six areas, the firearm murder rate in the US in 2011 was LOWER than 106 of the nations of the world. . . all of which had strict gun prohibitions. So much for your assumptions.

            1. Australian enacted strict gun controls – deaths went down. See John Oliver’s joking but factual interview…

              Except for the accents, it sounds EXACTLY like what Americans say, except they followed through with control — and saw great results.

              Also, unless you think Wikipedia is a socialist plot, the figures completely contradict what you say. See

              The comparison to make is with economically developed countries, not with, for example, Somalia. Many Western countries with strict gun control have massively lower gun death rates than the US. E.g. England is about ONE-FORTHIETH that of the US.

            2. In a society where everyone has a gun, he who shoots first is the winner. In a society where there are no guns except for the police and armed forces, there are no deaths and everyone is a winner.

              People should not be encouraged to fear others but to be a source of help to their fellow man. Educate yourself as to other solutions to your problems and don’t rely on creating fear in everyone.

            3. Oh you poor deluded man. In the 20th Century alone, over a hundred million people in societies where only the armed forces and police had guns were rounded up and murdered. Your trust in the goodness of your fellow man and the fine intentions of your political masters, who fully understand that Mao Tse Tung was correct: power comes from the barrel of a gun, is so naive. When you disarm the free citizen, soon only the despots will have guns. That is a lesson of history. It is happening in Venusuela right now. Despots fear an armed citizenry. One Jew with a six shot revolver and just five bullets kept the entire SS at bay from his Ghetto for fifty-five days. . . until he ran out of ammunition.

              The pograms of the Soviet Union, the Turkish Democide, the Holocaust, the Killing Fields of Cambodia, 70,000,000 million in China, the Bosnian Genocide,

            4. Remind me again. How were all those people killed? Guns? Are you also saying that you subscribe to a communist dictator’s point of view to create peace in our world. Perhaps you support fascism or anarchy instead. Peace comes from a deep respect for humanity and a stalwart dedication to true justice.

            5. I am not so stupid to dismiss a communist Dictator’s Statement when he says something that WARNS me of what he plans, what his intentions are, and HOW JENNY INTENDS TO ACCOMPLISH THEM!

              You apparently are. The best way to avoid war and despotism is to be prepared to strongly defend against bot.

            6. Obviously, with a moniker like ‘Swordmaker’ you tend to see the world as a violent place and the only model you chose to see as a remedy is more violence. Study Ghandi or Martin Luther King or Jesus of Nazareth or the Buddha or Abdul-Baha. There are many examples of peaceful solutions to the world’s problems.

            7. No, I see the world the way it really is, not filled with Unicorns, fairies, and soap bubbles of your desires. Gandhi was working with a rational sane government who did not kill people wantonly. Martin LutherKing, Jr., was working for Civil Rights in a Constitutional Republic that already had what he wanted enshrined in its founding documents and all he had to do was move the Democrats (yes, I said the Democrats) to embrace the law. Jesus said to “sell your cloak and buy a sword!” He was no nam by pa by about self-defense. He knew the Christians would need to defend themselves. If you believe that violence never solves anything, I suggest you read history. . . And invoke the ghosts of Adolfo Hitler, Tojo, Stalin, Ghenghis Kahn, and let stills the Hun moderate the debate. Ask them whether violence ever solved anything.

            8. You obviously don’t comprehend very well, do you. Being prepared for a violent response does NOT mean doing violence. It means the ones who may commit violence TO you and your loved ones KNOW that you are prepared to meet them and are willing and ABLE (armed) to protect yourself and your loved ones from their predations. THAT has a chilling effect on any plans they have for such attacks. In most cases it prevents them, deflects them to another less prepared victim, or persuades the perpetrator to find another career.

            9. By the way, Mao’s way to peace in our world was HIS way. . . killing of imprisoning everyone who disagreed with him. We ALREADY see signs of that from the left in the USA with intellectuals calling for the imprisonment and even execution of those damn Climate deniers! They regularly demand prison for “thought” crimes now.

            10. That makes no sense. Resorting to ad hominem. I’ve found that posting sources makes no differences to people like you. They just escalate to denigrating the sources regardless of the quality. So, I no longer bother. I know they’re there. I’ve lived many of them. This is a discussion forum. You seldom post any.

            11. Frankly, 3l3c7ro, I have far more respect for the judgement of humanity and the individual respect and judgement of my civilized neighbors than you obviously do not have. I trust them with armaments and rely on them as well as myself for my self-and-their-self-protection far more than I rely on the police, who admit their job is NOT to protect but to investigate and arrest if they find who may have perpetrated the crime after the fact when they state they have no responsibility to arrive in a timely manner. I trust my fellow man with deadly weapons. YOU DON’T.

            12. @ Swordmaker

              I am not sure if I read you right. But the facts for 2012 are:

              “• The US has the highest gun ownership rate in the world – an average of 88 per 100 people. That puts it first in the world for gun ownership – and even the number two country, Yemen, has significantly fewer – 54.8 per 100 people
              • But the US does not have the worst firearm murder rate – that prize belongs to Honduras, El Salvador and Jamaica. In fact, the US is number 28, with a rate of 2.97 per 100,000 people
              • Puerto Rico tops the world’s table for firearms murders as a percentage of all homicides – 94.8%. It’s followed by Sierra Leone in Africa and Saint Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean”*

              Also interesting, it’s a good thing that Americans a such terrible shooters. Less than 10% of people shot in the US die.

              *SOURCES: UNODC & Small arms survey.

            13. What? Who said we are bad at placing a round? 90 percent of the lesson is the pain and scar to remind the person not to do the same stupid action again. We believe in second and three chances, as well.

            14. Actually, 28 is right if one looks at firearm murders only. . . But if firearms are prohibited, people turn to other means of doing violence to each other instead of firearms. And the presence of a firearm can prevent many of the other means FROM BEING USED! That is why the crime rates go UP when guns are outlawed. If you look at murder rates by ALL methods, not just firearms, then you see a far different picture. A gun is merely a tool. . . Amount many tools. . . It can be used to both commit a crime and to prevent one from occurring. Statistician Dr. John Lott has proved numerous times that in every instance it’s tried, legalizing private ownership of firearms has resulted in far less crime including murder, including murder by firearms. Every year, firearms in the United States are used 1.5 MILLION times in self defense, often with out firing a shot. . . Total murders in US in 2010? About 13,000. Only 68% of those were committed with firearms.

              I have used a firearm twice in my life to defend myself and my family. Once the mere presence of a firearm visible on my person prevent a very serious crime involving the Symbionese Liberation Army possibly killing me and others, and getting their misguided hands on far more firepower than they already had. The next time someone tries to tell you that the USA is a hot bed of murder and violence because our citizens are allowed to own guns, don’t believe them. Here are the facts:

              WORLD MURDER STATISTICS from the World Health Organization

              The latest Murder Statistics for the world:

              Murders per 100,000 citizens per year.

              Honduras 91.6
              El Salvador 69.2
              Cote d’lvoire 56.9
              Jamaica 52.2
              Venezuela 45.1
              Belize 41.4
              US Virgin Islands 39.2
              Guatemala 38.5
              Saint Kitts and Nevis 38.2
              Zambia 38.0
              Uganda 36.3
              Malawi 36.0
              Lesotho 35.2
              Trinidad and Tobago 35.2
              Colombia 33.4
              South Africa 31.8
              Congo 30.8
              Central African Republic 29.3
              Bahamas 27.4
              Puerto Rico 26.2
              Saint Lucia 25.2
              Dominican Republic 25.0
              Tanzania 24.5
              Sudan 24.2
              Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 22.9
              Ethiopia 22.5
              Guinea 22.5
              Dominica 22.1
              Burundi 21.7
              Democratic Republic of the Congo 21.7
              Panama 21.6
              Brazil 21.0oo
              Equatorial Guinea 20.7
              Guinea-Bissau 20.2
              Kenya 20.1
              Kyrgyzstan 20.1
              Cameroon 19.7
              Montserrat 19.7
              Greenland 19.2
              Angola 19.0
              Guyana 18.6
              Burkina Faso 18.0
              Eritrea 17.8
              Namibia 17.2
              Rwanda 17.1
              Mexico 16.9
              Chad 15.8
              Ghana 15.7
              Ecuador 15.2
              North Korea 15.2
              Benin 15.1
              Sierra Leone 14.9
              Mauritania 14.7
              Botswana 14.5
              Zimbabwe 14.3
              Gabon 13.8
              Nicaragua 13.6
              French Guiana 13.3
              Papua New Guinea 13.0
              Swaziland 12.9
              Bermuda 12.3
              Comoros 12.2
              Nigeria 12.2
              Cape Verde 11.6
              Grenada 11.5
              Paraguay 11.5
              Barbados 11.3
              Togo 10.9
              Gambia 10.8
              Peru 10.8
              Myanmar 10.2
              Russia 10.2
              Liberia 10.1
              Costa Rica 10.0
              Nauru 9.8
              Bolivia 8.9
              Mozambique 8.8
              Kazakhstan 8.8
              Senegal 8.7
              Turks and Caicos Islands 8.7
              Mongolia 8.7
              British Virgin Islands 8.6
              Cayman Islands 8.4
              Seychelles 8.3
              Madagascar 8.1
              Indonesia 8.1
              Mali 8.0
              Pakistan 7.8
              Moldova 7.5
              Kiribati 7.3
              Guadeloupe 7.0
              Haiti 6.9
              Timor-Leste 6.9
              Anguilla 6.8
              Antigua and Barbuda 6.8
              Lithuania 6.6
              Uruguay 5.9
              Philippines 5.4
              Ukraine 5.2
              Estonia 5.2
              Cuba 5.0
              Belarus 4.9
              Thailand 4.8
              Suriname 4.6
              Laos 4.6
              Georgia 4.3
              Martinique 4.2
              and then . . .
              The United States of America 4.2 !!!

              ALL (109) of the countries above America have 100% gun bans.

              It might be of interest to note that SWITZERLAND is not shown on this list because it has NO OCCURRENCE of MURDER!

              However, SWITZERLAND’S law requires that EVERYONE:
              1. Own a gun.
              2. Maintain Marksman qualifications.

              Did You learn anything from this??

              It’s clear that gun bans and restrictions DO NOT WORK!

            15. I found this post very interesting. I am in favor of gun ownership and I’ve been aware of the Switzerland thing. But I was looking through the list and thought “WTF? Pakistan has 100% gun ban?” Is that true?

            16. Yes, it’s true. . . But militias there under the various wings of their factions, are armed. Citizens are not supposed to be. Of course it routinely ignored. . . as are most bans of anything. There will be a thriving black market on anything a government bans that people want. Always.

          2. All right then please accept my apologies for reading too much into what you wrote here and elsewhere and asserting something about you that was in error.

            Would you care to revisit this and answer why you feel that Apple customers shouldn’t expect that Apple can only deliver 9 million Macs of all varieties built predominantly in China due to inadequate USA production speed?

            1. Workers in the US are not as motivated as they used to be. The response I gave was about the Mac Pro that is made in the USA. When they post an article about Macs built in China, I will post a response about Macs built in China.

            2. 3l3c7ro, the productivity of the American worker is exceeded only by workers in Norway and Luxembourg, and not even then once you discount for tax rates. . . and that is including CHINA which doesn’t make the top 60 nations on the list.

              When you look at a list per normalized work hours, the US is exceeded by all of the European nations because of their short work days and taking off in August. Americans work far more hours, by choice. America leads the world in productivity, but others ARE improving and starting to give them competition. So, again, you are wrong.

        2. Ad hominem is never good!! Don’t do it!!

          !!! Don’t follow these steps if you have any Brain Power left !!!

          Q) “Is your Canadian hatred for the USA clouding your logic circuits?”

          A) Inhale and wank. Check the rope and jump.

          !!! Don’t follow these steps if you have any Brain Power left !!!

          Thanks for the moderation that this will not go through 🙂

      2. The Mac Pro line is run by robotic assemblers. They don’t make much money. They don’t join trade unions.

        I’m thinking they are the best workers on the planet.

        If they ever become aware we are screwed.

      1. I would guess the bottleneck is parts, not manufacturing. I’m pretty sure the assembler could piece together as many as you could throw at them, but they have to wait for pcie drives, specialized ram, high end cpus, high end graphics cards. BOXX wishes it had these problems!

    1. Nothing makes them special from what I can see. The ‘boxx’ is generic, cut out of a bigger sheet of metal as required. Sleds are then added as required. These really are DIY PCs just like we’ve been used to for decades. They’re generic boxes that hold lots of gear inside and a heavy duty, no doubt noisy, cooling system. The Mac Pro is pushing most of the gear to the outside for the sake of its excellent cooling system and design. The design philosophies are incompatible, night and day.

    2. Expandability without cords all over the place for starters… an Nvidia GPU which will yield much faster performance than AMD’s current offering in the Mac Pro with most all other applications except Final Cut Pro; because ya’know there are other applications that industry professionals use… Ability to rackmount out of the box for true rendering farms without the added price of buying some specialized rack mount system to cater to the Mac Pro’s size. Hmm… let’s see, what else… Ability to add additional PCI-E based cards without the need for some overly expensive external Thunderbolt PCI-E chasis on top of the cost of the Mac Pro itself…. There’s much more but you get the point…

      Bare in mind, I’m saying all this even though I’m ordering a Mac Pro next month… I’m aware of the drawbacks and are living with it because I like Apple products. However I’m not so biased that I can’t objectivity see the tradeoffs one must endure (depending on planned use of course) to buy into the Mac Pro way of doing things.

        1. I use Blender ( The developers there have written a great deal about their attempts to get AMD to render as fast as Nvidia, and even document a lot of flaws in the AMD implementation of OpenGL (? maybe OpenCL… I’m not at my computer right now to look that up).
          If you watch Blender tutorials on YouTube you can easily tell which are running on Nvidia cards when the tutorial author is using the rendered view rather than wireframe or shaded views.

  3. I’m sorry WTF is Boxx? At first I thought the article was about the box app that syncs data. Then I saw the extra x. WTF are these nameless losers? But here is apple hard at work at usual. Name drop apple and get people talking about you.

  4. Never heard of these guys, just checked them out and they indeed do sell PC Boxes.

    Looks like an old school PC assembler throwing together high end parts.

    Not exactly ground breaking but at least they have the brains to recognize where their real competition lies.

  5. This isn’t an advert designed to sway Mac users into buying Boxx instead. It’s purpose is to keep it’s existing Boxx customers happy by making them think that they have made a clever decision.

    When you’re selling high-end computers, the vast majority of your customers will have a very good understanding of what they need and will understand the pros and cons of alternatives. Such people are not going to change their minds after watching an advert.

    What adverts of this type do is to demonstrate that Apple is the brand that other manufacturers are worried about.

      1. aaannnddd 40-some years later, we’re still not top-of-mind for anyone thinking a renting a car. But in truth, I don’t really care about advertising, or even rules, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn last night and watched Fight Club.

  6. The cylinder is the box’s natural enemy. It’s just like lions and hyenas, dolphins and sharks, or bats and clowns – these natural enemies are doomed to endless combat, locked by unbreakable bonds of violence and hatred.

  7. they forgot to say: “More than a thousand dollars than a compared configuration system? YES”
    Also, so $stupid “Run 3d studio max with out windows?: no..”but can BOXX run 3d studio max with out windows?”
    Definitively, this ad is aimed to $tupid people and not to professionals.. or maybe to professional $tupids. ohhh wait, it is aimed to “ANALysts”.

  8. I used to be part of the market for the Mac Pro (and the Power Mac G5 before that) – the people who could afford one more than they needed one. I liked the power (even if all the performance promises were somewhat un-met), and the storage space and internal expandability. I can’t justify getting a new Mac Pro (even though I want one and can afford one), and I already have a display, which takes me out of the market for an iMac. So all I could do was get a USB 3.0 PCI card (because Firewire is no longer available on some of the expansion devices that I use, and the old Mac Pro can’t do Thunderbolt).

    That said, I have been Apple since the ][, and while I need to use Windows via virtualization, I can’t imaging going to a Windows box under any circumstances. But I’d like to see a new expandable desktop in Apple’s line-up again some day. At this point, it looks like I’ll be counting on my old Mac Pro to run for the foreseeable future.

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