The background on Apple’s ‘103-degree data center’

“Apple is using solar arrays, including a 100-acre solar energy farm in Maiden, N.C., to help power a data center there,” Patrick Thibodeau reports for Computerworld. “Apple allowed NBC’s Today show inside the facility this week, and during the tour, a reporter asked what the temperature was there. ‘It’s about 103 degrees in here,’ said Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environmental initiatives and a former Obama administration EPA chief.”

“What wasn’t explained is that Jackson and the reporter were walking down a hot aisle, and feeling the fan exhaust. The experience might have been different if they had walked down the cold aisle, where the rack fronts face the aisle,” Thibodeau reports. “The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) sets temperature and humidity guidelines for data centers based on what it knows about the equipment inside them. It recommends that data centers operate between 64.4 to 80.6 degrees Fahrenheit.”

“Apple is running near or at the recommended ASHRAE temperature limit. To do so let’s Apple save the most money on energy cost,” Thibodeau reports. “That strategy puts Apple in the forefront of data center operators in terms of temperature limits.”

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  1. Apple has BILLION DOLLAR DATA FARMS with GREEN solar power and patented FuelCell ability in several locations all around the planet including the new Arizona sapphire plant. Who knew! If they did you would think it would be in almost every advertisement or in the background of most of their interviews.

    1. I think using those plants as a backdrop would be lost on an iPhone buyer.

      I prefer the current marketing strategy where the device is the hero and the focus is on what people actually do with the device.

  2. And Apple, my favorite company, has former Federal EPA Nazi, Lisa Jackson running all this. Well, I guess if you like Apple and their stock you have to accept the occasional Nazi on the team.

    1. Sounds like you wish Nixon had never authorized the formation of the EPA. Just keep on having the free market provided Love Canals and Duke Energy coal ash dumps. We need a more hazardous environment.

        1. There is no other method, because industries will never self-regulate themselves as such regulations directly contradict to their profit motive.

          Alas, only society can force companies to not go suicidal because of their greed and totally f*ck up environment.

          Of course, there are need to be “bounds of reason” in regulations, of course. Idealistic utopia that markets will solve everything themselves does not work, but complete bureaucracy does not work either.

      1. You are right. A big Nixon blunder. The EPA does nothing about landfills being stuffed with deadly mercury from government mandated compact fluorescent light bulbs or the toxic and dangerous effects of government mandated corn based ethanol that is transported on highways and railways instead of safe pipelines like the proposed Keystone pipeline which the idiot big eared Obama will not allow. The EPA is an agency whose mission is now to attack American manufacturing and farming and private land ownership. It is a Nazi agency made that way by Democrat politicians and voters.

        1. Go find a survivor of the Holocaust and ask them what Nazi actions mean. You have no idea so stop using such inflammatory rhetoric from your basement bunker.

          1. How about an Obama Democrat federal agency that sends snipers out and has them aim their rifles at a farmer involved in dispute over grazing fees? How about the agency that killed about 80 people who did nothing at Waco? How about the agency that uses the asset seizure power of the federal government to attack political opponents of the President, as Obama’s IRS does?

            You are fine with Nazi tactics as long as Herr Obama is in power.

            1. Keep moving those goalposts, Kent. Sooner or later, you’ll score.

              Can you point to the doll and show us where the Democratic Party touched you?

        2. compact fluourescent lights cause a *DECREASE* in overall mercury in the environment, even though they have a TINY bit of mercury in them.. Why? Decreased mercury from power plants, due to lower energy use by lights.

          1. They suck as light bulbs, they don’t last as long as advertised, the labels say you need to call a HazMat team if you break one, and they produce worse light than the good old reliable incandescent light bulb. Typical fucked up product of the environmental Nazi goon squad – like ethanol (destroys the environment), windmills (no good for producing power and kills lots of birds) and solar. Solar and windmills both require extra generation to be built at “real” power plants for the wind doesn’t blow and the sun does not shine. And they require massive government subsidies.

            1. So, Kent, to sum up:

              – You keep moving the goalposts because your arguments are not solid and fail to address the issue at hand
              – Your preferred arguments are basically “tu quoque” fallacies
              – You invoked Godwin’s Law by using the Nazis in a comparative form
              – You brought race into a racially neutral issue, and used it as an ad hominem attack
              – Your overall style is a small format “Gish Gallop,” using lots of words with no substance to them nor relevance to the topic at hand

              If this were a debate or argumentation class, I’d give you an F. But this isn’t a class, is it? Instead, its the real world. Your lack of logic and critical thinking, plus your reliance on logical fallacies in argument, lends you no credibility and wholly invalidates your position.

            2. No, I have not moved any goalposts and nothing I have asserted has been refuted. In fact you ignored the goalposts and the entire field.

      2. Love Canal was a GOVERNMENT fuck up. Hooker Chemical had properly sealed the dump site with clay, and the local government stole the land from them through eminent domain, and proceeded to breach the clay seals when building a school. They were warned that doing so could result in fatalities, and they went right ahead and did it.


        1. Liberal Democrats never let facts interfere with their righteous causes. Look at Detroit – a product of all government Democrat social policy. Detroit is a creation worse than Love Canal.

        2. Thank you for motivating me to read beyond the headlines. You are correct that the local governments (the most corrupt kind) negligent actions brought people and construction into an area that should have been isolated. But the EPA didn’t exist at the time Occidental Petroleum dumped their wastes and the whole thing might have been avoided with effective, non-local government regulation and oversight.

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