NBC: Vote for your all-time favorite Super Bowl commercial; Apple’s ‘1984’ ad among the choices

“The Super Bowl is less than a week away! It’s time stock up on beer and wings, and prepare for a day of awesome ads — er, athleticism,” Lauren Sullivan reports for NBC’s Today Show.

“From Apple’s iconic ‘1984’ ad (that was 20 years ago?) to Pepsi’s sexy ‘Gotta Have It’ commercial with Cindy Crawford, major brands have used the time in between plays to show off their most creative ideas, leaving viewers with ads that are often more memorable than the games themselves,” Sullivan reports.

MacDailyNews Take: No, Lauren, even worse – it was 30 years ago!

“We picked 16 of our all-time favorite Super Bowl ads, and will narrow down the results based on your votes each day this week,” Sullivan reports. “Tell us by voting [in the full artcile]: What’s your all-time favorite Super Bowl commercial?”

read more and cast your vote(s) here.

MacDailyNews Take: Each ad is pitted agaunst one other in a “Sweet Sixteen” bracket. Currently, Apple’s “1984” has just 12% (417 votes) vs. 88% (2,997 votes) for Budweiser’s “Clydesdale Team” ad from 2008.

A horse training with a dog like “Rocky” to make the Bud team is cute, but it’s certainly not an iconic Ridley Scott film.

Let’s see if we have enough intelligent people to counteract the great unwashed drinkers of rice piss (or if The Idiocracy is already upon us).

You know what to do.

UPDATE: 9:46am EST: “1984” is up to 15% (874 votes) vs. 85% (5,077 votes) for the rice-piss-hauling glue-factory-nag.

UPDATE: 11:00 am EST: “1984” now at 17% (1,381 votes) vs. 83% (6,918 votes) for the so-called “beer.”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Aussiebokguy” for the heads up.]


  1. Apple’s “1984” commercial is the only commercial, at least in my opinion, to truly be considered a masterpiece of film art. You know a commercial is good when it is the only one to be preserved in the Library of Congress’s Historic Film Register. While some of Apple’s commercials were pretty good (Get Am Mac, Think Different, the Switch campaign sucked to be honest, and don’t get me started on those Genius ads…) 1984 will truly and honestly be remembered for generations.

    1. This is not a serious piece of journalism, it is a hit-whoring mechanism.
      Human nature dictates, that where there is a whore, there will be a customer. What they have not accounted for because their maths is downright appalling, is the type of customer who is going to fall for their trap! The Android crowd!

      1. What are you trying to say? Did you just say I am part of the “Android Crowd” simply because I responded to this article whit an honest opinion? So what if it is just for “hits”? At least it is relevant, because the commercial’s 30th Anniversary was a few days ago, and the Super Bowl is coming up, and the Super Bowl is famous for their innovative ad campaigns. I am not sure where you are going with this…

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