Salesforce CEO Benioff: Angela Ahrendts the next Apple CEO

“A Silicon Valley heavyweight has thrown his support behind speculation on the next Apple CEO, Angela Ahrendts,” Keris Alison Lahiff reports for TheStreet.

“Marc Benioff, co-founder of leading cloud computing company Salesforce, wrote on Twitter that Ahrendts may well be the next Apple CEO,” Lahiff reports. “Current Apple chief executive Cook announced in mid-October the tech giant had hired Ahrendts to head its retail stores and online stores, in a newly created role. In her current position as chief executive of Burberry, Ahrendts has helped create one of the world’s most successful luxury brands. Since 2006, shares of the London-based fashion house have tripled.”

Angela Ahrendts
Angela Ahrendts
Lahiff reports, “In 2012, Salesforce was key in Burberry’s push to build a social brand. Burberry Chat, powered by Salesforce, facilitated dialogue between management and employees, and sales and customers. ‘We’ve opened up what we call the store of the future,’ said Ahrendts in a video promoting the service. ‘The next generation is growing up in a digital world, and they speak social.'”

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      1. Someone’s scared that wall st has no chance of taking over with Tim Cook soldly in place with overwhelmng support from Apple fans, employees and investors .

        Tim Cook an’t going nowhere.

    1. Agreed. This idiot must not know Tim Cook has Apple performance based stock that doesn’t vest until 2016 and then 2021. With this move Apple’s senior management is solidly supporting Tim Cook for many years. Unless the company takes a serious nose dive I don’t see why they would need to shake up the company with a new CEO. It will be years before Ahrendts truly understands Apple as a company and what Apple has learned to become the company they are today.

        1. At least we know she didn’t seduce, Tim at least not in that way ha..ha.. I think she is a better hire that any discount sales store guy, he was utterly wrong from the start.

    1. “I feel bad about myself…I know! I’ll write a hit piece!”
      “I need more ad revenue…I know! I’ll write a hit piece!”
      “I need attention…I know! I’ll write a hit piece!”

    2. Apple should sue them once and for all, they can only go so far. Those negative articles after articles are doing so much harm for Apple, time to put your feet down Apple.

  1. Hell no! I love women, but no way this politically correct speculation will fade. Women as CEOs are scarce. Successful ones even scarcer. As if she is the most qualified person for the job? My ASS!

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