“It’s official — Apple’s new Senior VP of Retail John Browett has been on the job since April 20th, when he was officially granted 100,000 shares of stock that could net him millions of dollars over the next five years,” Gary Allen reports for ifoAppleStore.

“Browett took over the position from Ron Johnson, who left last November to become president of retailer JC Penney,” Allen reports. “Browett has been seen on Apple’s Cupertino campus frequently since last year, and has attended at least one retail store grand opening.”

Allen reports, “According to documents filed with the federal Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) this morning, Browett will receive ‘restricted stock units’ that are vested, or redeemable, for common stock over a five-year period. After receiving the common stock, Browett is free to keep or sell the shares.”

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