Apple grants 100,000 shares to new retail head John Browett

“It’s official — Apple’s new Senior VP of Retail John Browett has been on the job since April 20th, when he was officially granted 100,000 shares of stock that could net him millions of dollars over the next five years,” Gary Allen reports for ifoAppleStore.

“Browett took over the position from Ron Johnson, who left last November to become president of retailer JC Penney,” Allen reports. “Browett has been seen on Apple’s Cupertino campus frequently since last year, and has attended at least one retail store grand opening.”

Allen reports, “According to documents filed with the federal Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) this morning, Browett will receive ‘restricted stock units’ that are vested, or redeemable, for common stock over a five-year period. After receiving the common stock, Browett is free to keep or sell the shares.”

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        1. Well if they’re competing for him with another company or two, which is normally the case, they have to build a package that is attractive.

          He has obviously demonstrated his abilities in the past, probably gone through an excruciating and arduous interview process, had to impress a crap load of people who aren’t easily impressed, etc. He was likely brought to Apple by a very high end recruitment firm as well. He didn’t just go to and put is name in the website.

          He’s earned this level of respect and desirability. This is why he was offered the $60,000,000 over 5 years. Such people are rare and the law of supply and demand applies to employees as well. I once had a brilliant tech working for me by the name of Butch. Hard worker, fast learner, eager to please. Understood simple concepts like, if the company does well, I do well. Someone asked, “Where do you find people like Butch?” I responded, “You don’t find them, you buy them.”

            1. It’s not a problem. If you are worth 60 million then you are worth 60 million. Steve Jobs for example was worth far, far more than that. The fact that you do not believe someone can be worth that amount does not speak to facts, but rather your own limited world view.

              In short you lack imagination, and you short change the value of the human spirit.

          1. I’ve always believed that one’s worth in the marketplace is determined by the contract you can negotiate. This guy is worth $60M over 5 because of what he’s accomplished to date (as evidenced by his contract). His next contract will be negotiated on the platform of what he’s done at Apple. More power to him.

    1. $3,000,000 Christmas bonus though… I know someone’s family is expecting good stuff for Christmas.

      So funny, I can picture his wife saying… don’t show up here Christmas morning with a bunch of iPads Mr. My present better be in the driveway.

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