CNNMoney: Apple’s 64-bit iPhone 5s is the world’s most complete smartphone

“Out of the box, the iPhone 5S is an attractive, meticulously engineered phone,” Adrian Covert reports for CNNMoney. “It’s thin, it’s light, it’s quality. Mostly. The iPhone 5 was a magnet for nicks and scratches, and the iPhone 5S is no different.”

“Apple’s 1.3 GHz, dual-core A7 processor sounds boring compared to the quad-core chipsets appearing on Android phones. But the iPhone 5S still out-performs them all,” Covert reports. “Using the fingerprint sensor is almost always faster and easier than entering your pin or password. And it works incredibly well — the sensor rarely misfires. Using the sensor is natural, intuitive, and it doesn’t require you to think too hard about what you’re doing. One day, Touch ID could become a de facto digital signature. For now, it’s somewhat novel — but still great.”

iPhone 5s' ID fingerprint identity sensor
iPhone 5s’ Touch ID fingerprint identity sensor

“The iPhone 5S is still the most versatile and most complete smartphone available, with the best ecosystem of apps,” Covert reports. “Anyone who really doesn’t want an iPhone can find a good reason not to buy it. But for the vast majority of smartphone users, the sum of the iPhone’s parts is hard to beat.”

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  1. Apple,

    Offer an inexpensive, small and low power-consumption supercomputer cluster based on the next generation A8 chip. Design each blade to be the size of an iPhone that slides in and out of the rack and plugged into power and thunderbolt.

    It won’t make you a lot of money but the academic geeks, scientists, power users and small research centers/science groups/departments will gladly pay $15,000+ for a 10-5,000 core cluster running Mac OS-X server.

    Do some deals with STATA, SPSS, SAS and a number of other science/statistics application companies and you’d be the go-to place for this niche market. People will write your cluster – that sits on a desk and uses very little energy and puts off little heat – into every grant application going in to NIH, DOD, DOE, NOAA, NFS, NASA, you name it.

    It’s a small market, but would be cool to offer.

  2. I think it’s fair to say that you probably want to keep keys and rings away from the 5 and 5s finish to avoid removing anotized black. Definitely not as robust as the 4 and 4S in that regard, but so fast, and so beautiful, that’s really a small price to pay.

    1. I had a white 5 with no case for a year. Even with keys and coins in pocket, accidently obviously, no scratches. I know you were talking about black 5, particularly the sides and back. This time I bought a black 5s. Hoping the space gray doesn’t scratch like the 5’s black.
      Could always use case but like a lot of other people, I like the sleekness. I have AppleCare plus. If I ever had to use one then I would find a sleek case.

  3. My son just got hired by LG to help market, train and promote LG Mobile Devices. He will be responsible for instructing Sales People at Verizon, ATT etc on how to demonstrate the device to the general population. They just sent him 3 phones (Incl the G2) and an LG tablet to familiarize himself with the products.

    I played around with them out of interest, but damn if they don’t have some confusing interfaces. They weren’t intimidating to me as I like a new challenge but for your average person? These would be a nightmare. LG is doing a major push nationwide – they’ve hired over 200 people to demonstrate their devices in every major city. It’ll be interesting to see if they can mount a challenge to Samdung.

    My son has owned an iPhone since they debuted and he likes learning new tech but he says that his instructor told him, ‘We’re not going to force you to use an LG phone, but make sure you never pull out your iPhone in a Verizon store when making a sales call’.

  4. Touch ID is simply amazing. Since 2007 I’ve tried locking my various iPhones. Just couldn’t take the repeated PIN number entry 50-75 times a day. With Touch ID you forget you’ve got a locked phone because it functions so quickly, flawlessly, and with such natural movements. It’s faster and easier than swiping to open my unlocked 4S. Press the home button and leave your thumb or finger on the button. Bam! Your in the phone.

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