Apple job posting hints moving closer to China Mobile deal

“Apple Inc. wants to hire an engineer with extensive knowledge of China Mobile Ltd.’s homegrown phone network, evidence it’s moving toward an agreement for the world’s largest carrier to offer the iPhone,” Bloomberg News reports.

“The manager, who will be based in Beijing, will ‘support and drive the carrier approval of mobile phones,’ Apple said in an advertisement on its China website,” Bloomberg News reports. “The position seeks experience with TD-SCDMA, China Mobile’s own third-generation standard that isn’t used by other carriers.”

Bloomberg News reports, “China Mobile, with 63 percent of the nation’s 1.2 billion wireless subscribers, doesn’t have an iPhone distribution agreement as Apple sells its handsets through the nation’s two smaller operators, China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd. and China Telecom Corp. Apple is near a deal with China Mobile and is preparing to ship iPhones to the carrier, a person familiar with the talks said last month.”

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    1. Really? I don’t recall MDN posting an article about Apple hiring an engineer to support China Mobile.

      Please remind us when they posted an article on that topic.

      Unless, you meant another article on a possible China Mobile deal, which THIS article is not about. This article is about the job posting.

  1. Moving towards? They’re just now hiring someone? Clearly this is nothing coming soon. And here we thought it was just around the corner. Can’t figure out why Apple has such a hard time getting on China Mobile when everyone else has done it already? This won’t help the stock.

    1. Agreed. It could be that extra support is needed near term or this could mean China mobile is far off. It’s hard to make sense of most job postings since I’m sure more than one person works on carrier approval.

      1. Sure. Let’s hope so. And I realize that China Mobile has been playing hardball with Apple. And there’s also the issue of rolling out their version of 4G. But come on Apple let’s get it done. It’s an off a lot of sales to keep passing by.

    2. Nonsense- Don’t be stupid. They already have such people in place. Management is just trying to assure they have additional
      batters on deck. Will need a strong bench when this rocket takes off.

  2. 1.2 billion subscribers …that’s a lot of chinese peeps. if just half of them want an iPhone, or an iPad …damn, that’s a lot of peeps. and then, maybe a few want a future iWatch. i mean, if you’re chinese and you don’t own an apple product, not one, it’s not hard to figure out … are sssssuuuuchh a square chinese person.

  3. “TD-SCDMA, China Mobile’s own third-generation standard that isn’t used by other carriers.”

    What a bunch of idiots… Go with the standards… Of course, China is big enough to afford using its own crap but still. They even developed their own DVD-standard for use in China many years ago.

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