Apple’s iOS winning more mobile ad share as Android ad share ‘continues to shrink’

“A week after iPad browsing share hit a five-month high with 82.4 percent share, according to mobile ad firm Chitika, another mobile company says that global Android mobile adshare dropped from 41 percent in May 2012 to 36 percent in May 2013,” John Koetsier reports for VentureBeat.

“Velti‘s state of mobile advertising report, released [Tuesday], says that iPhone and iPad significantly increased their ad share in 2013, moving from 20.4 percent to 27.5 percent and 13.4 percent to 17.1 percent, respectively,” Koetsier reports. “Apple’s new iPhone 5, introduced in this time span, accounted for 7.9 percent of total ads shown, while Samsung’s Galaxy S III, which launched in May 2012 and shipped 30 million units in its first five months, accounted for only 2.3 percent of all impressions.”

Koetsier reports, “The continuing — and in this case growing — delta between iPhone and Android suggests that there are real differences here in what consumers do and how they use their Android and iOS smartphones.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Right about now, the Church of Market Share is having a real crisis of faith.

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  1. Android IS becoming the new giveaway simple phone.

    People who don’t have a clue or don’t care or don’t see any VALUE in a quality phone, tend to get what is easiest. Simple.

  2. “Right about now, the Church of Market Share is having a real crisis of faith.”

    Won’t matter. To those who think android is “winning,” no amount of evidence will change their minds. Remember, Apple is just a style-over-substance/voodoo marketing company, who doesn’t deserve the success it has. So OF COURSE android is winning. No matter the evidence.

    1. Take your point about perception though those real life figures thankfully suggest that people at the sharp end are deciding with their pockets and while that lasts that is the most important. My concern is about Apple becoming complacent, which I believe they did with the iPhone where I feel they need to establish and maintain around 20% market share as a minimum.

  3. This is really not surprising. iOS customers have always been more valuable. Most Android users didn’t so much choose android as they took the free phone the sales guy was pushing.

  4. Keeping comparisons apples to apples, one must compare Android to iOS. In that comparison Android has 36% mobile ad share (from the article), and iOS has 44.6% share.

    It would seem that advertisers value iOS users more than they do Android users, and rightfully so. Android users are on the bottom end of those likely to spend, which makes ill-suited for an iOS device.

    The only firm associated with Android making any money is Samsung. Google doesn’t, Motorola doesn’t, HTC very little, Sony less still, and Samsung’s prospects are beginning to falter.

    MSFT makes more than any of those licensing its tech to Android device manufacturers.

    There will not be a cheap iPhone…ever, no matter how much the lemonade stand managers argue for one. Android is a dead man walking.

    1. Clearly you are underestimating Android’s importance to google. It is true that Android as a product is making little profit for Google. But as a platform, the potential of Android is limitless. Google is aiming for a critical
      mass, and attempting to put Android
      everywhere including thermostats, car consoles, desktops e.t.c.

      Android allows Google to
      put the products where it does make
      money – primarily, its search engine –
      front and centre on all Android-based
      devices. And in the future if Google develops any revenue generating software, they will have a home in Android.

      The death of Android will only occur when Google falls.

      1. horrible idea to put a buggy insecure OS in your car if you don’t want to get remote PWND from China while driving down the Pacific Coast Highway.

        embedded Android could subject all kinds of necessary devices to perpetual beta, and just like having a monoculture or crops that can die our with one virus – same thing here.

      2. lets say you are right: android is going to be every where but since Android is supposed to be ‘open’ what’s to stop a manufacturer from using android and stripping away all Google Ads, services etc.

        They are already doing it, in China millions of ‘O’ phones run ‘android’ but don’t use Google search and can’t run stock android apps (they run their own apps) so Google makes no money.

        Making no money means eventually Google will stop investing in Android.

  5. This reminds me of the old Mac vs Windows days where market share is king. And Windows users continually rub it in our faces with it. It’s good to see the tables have turned.

  6. Was at a Verizon store the other day and it was amazing. There were a couple people on the fence over iOS vs android. They seemed to not know allot. The sales guy was well android is faster at surfing the web it has a faster web experience and it does this and this better. Also you can get screen sizes from large to small to fit your needs. iOS is just slow and its not really that good. He said the only advantage is that iPad or iPhone you will always have the same experience.

    Of course android sells stupid sales people pushing devices by lying to consumers. Saying android is faster is bull

  7. I mean, this should say something if anything. People in iOS uses their phones more, more engaged. They use it like a computer, not just a big screen to look at and smoosh at your ear when calling or review text on. These are the people you want to target.

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