Apple granted 29 patents covering Multi-Touch, 3D gaming, an iPhone cooling system and more

On Tuesday, “the US Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 29 newly granted patents for Apple Inc.,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“In our summary report we cover a series of patents which include multitouch, 3D gaming, the first Lightning related patent and a cooling system for the iPhone but to name a few,” Purcher reports. “And to close out our report we also cover two design patent wins for Apple and a full list of the remaining patents issued to Apple today.”

Read more, and see Apple’s patent application illustrations and diagrams, in the full article here.


    1. You sound like Samdung fans who think that only volume and market share matters. To come up with one great product, Apple has to file hundreds of patents. Steve Jobs said that the iPhone was covered by 200 patents.

      News about the iPhone and iPad first came to light in patent reports, not rumors. And there’s been a lot of patents that I’ve seen come to market.

      What I like is that patents provide us with a glimpse into trends. The trend of using biometrics for future smartphones is the latest buzz. So we get to learn about the process. At least you learn something from patents as opposed to rumors.

      The real question is, how many rumors come to life? I’m sure it’s one for every 10,000 reports. And what about those super fake photos from the orient? How informative are those?

    2. What percentage of rumors touted on MDN ended up being a real product? News is news. Reading about patent filings by Apple is just another form of news. Like Dirk said below, patents also reflect coming trends like an iwallet or fingerprint technology or new materials or little things like a video camera coming to the iPhone or integrated touch built into the display glass. You learn and in many ways are entertained by both rumors and patents. The silliness of percentages is something only a dumb nerd or samsung zombie would think of.

  1. In context with this report about 29 patents, the granted touch patent is responsible for all of Apple’s successful products. Without that technology, yes patented technology, there wouldn’t have been an Apple revolution lead by Steve Jobs.

    The Lightning patent is granted and we have a lightning adapter. There’s an HDR granted patent and HDR is used on the ipad and iphone. So whether it’s granted patents or stuff to come, I enjoy reading about these kinds of thngs on MDN.

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