Pundit: Apple’s iWatch won’t be a huge success, just a second-tier product

“The momentum behind a digital watch from Apple continues to build up as Bloomberg reports the Cupertino based company are seeking to trademark the term ‘iWatch’ in Japan,” Ewan Spence writes for Forbes. ‘Many people are expecting the watch to revolutionise wearable computing when it is released, but I’m not so sure.”

“I think we’re looking at the iWatch product as being closer to Apple TV than the Apple iPad.,” Spence writes. “The iWatch is going to have an instant attraction, and many people will be interested in it, but a world where everyone sports a computer on their wrist? Apple fanatics can see it, but I’m not so sure. I think this is less a ‘take over the world’ product, more another ‘hobby’ to see what’s going on in a new space. Admittedly it will be a hobby that will shift hundred of thousands of units.”

MacDailyNews Take: If and when iWatch is released, it will sell millions of units within the first few days of availability.

Spence writes, “I think any iWatch product is going to take a similar approach [to Apple TV] and allow Tim Cook and the team at Apple to explore the wearable technology space. The pressure is on Apple to release the hardware; once it is out there they can see how users are working. As long as they can sell that story to the press and everyone goes along with it (as opposed to the fun they had around the launch of their own mapping product) the iWatch is going to be a successful second tier product for Apple.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iCal’ed.

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  1. There was a time when a reporter had to have reliable sources.
    How can you have even a viable opinion when you haven’t even seen the product? This reminds me of the iPhone at introduction. Steve Jobs showed the iPhone at their national rollout, but it was thirty days before you could get one. The pundits filled the air and sea and sky for thirty days, predicting the demise of Apple. Well. Guess what? The pundits were wrong. Again. As usual. What we are really watching is the final strangulation of the Swiss and Japanese Watch making industry.

    1. Illegal NSA eavesdropping kinda puts a wet blanket on any “reliable sources.” Just ask our European allies. Obama Messiah, The Steve Ballmer of Government…The Reign Of Error continues…

  2. I agree that it would be more along the lines of Apple TV, but Apple TV is about to explode now that gaming is finally being introduced into it and game controlling capabilities built into the iPhone.

    With so many unknowns such as styling, price and capabilities, it is hard to predict how it will do, so a Forbes writer making predictions on sales is pretty foolish…. I digress, I mean par for the course and expected from them.

    1. The rumored iWatch could have a wide range of possible functions. Among those, I would expect an iWatch to function as an extension of other iOS devices, such as the iPhone and the AppleTV. For example, an iWatch could be used to accept or ignore a phone call or quickly check a text message. An iWatch could also serve as a handy wireless remote for the AppleTV.

      As is typical for revolutionary new devices, people will find a many applications that were not foreseen by the inventors, much less the small-minded pundits that feign omniscience.

        1. “I’ve finally cracked it.” Do you REALLY think Jobs was referring to a fucking Dick Tracy two-way wrist tv? Jesus, you are too fucking stupid to share the same planet with normal humans.

          1. Mel, please just ignore botvinnik, he is either off his meds or his troll check from Samedung was late this month. Tim Cook said it was an area of interest for Apple, that is all anyone knows. I agree there are things to explore there. Judging from the past they might just come up with something not even botvinnik can anticipate.

        2. …in related news, the American Psychiatric Association has announced of new category of mental retardation: “moron” (IQ of 51–70), “imbecile” IQ of 26–50, “idiot” (IQ of 0–25) and Melvin (IQ -12 to zero.)

    1. This is true though unless this iWatch just is so irresistibly lustful I too rather doubt this will be the same kind of mass accepted item like iPads, iPads, and iPhones. As an Apple stockholder I would love to be proven wrong. I just hate having things on my wrist (watches) or fingers (rings) so the love of the item would have to really overcome the hate of wearing anything, even tech related. Let’s hope if it is so mind blowingly great that Scamstung won’t be able to easily copy it.

    2. Yet another Forbes click-whoring circle jerk.

      Pundits never comprehend that what Apple does better than any other company on Earth is create product categories and products that fulfill a need we never knew we had. Your comment is most apropos.

      Why we have to suffer fools from Forbes and the punditocracy in general is beyond my comprehension. To think that they:

      1. Are paid for this drivel
      2. Are capable of procreating, and their numbers are growing
      3. Are allowed to use knives and forks on commercial aircraft
      4. Have somehow escaped a competency hearing
      5. Walk among us

      makes me shudder.

  3. As someone else so eloquently stated, the iWatch is nothing more than a fanboy identity bracelet and probably only in their wildest fantasies. I can think of 10,000 things I would rather spend my money for than an iWatch.

  4. I agree, but we’ll see. I think there is something to the idea of a “borg nation” where not all Apple fans want to *wear it on their wrist*. There are some excellent 3rd party options coming out that are built around iOS. Would be nice to see them succeed. What Apple needs to do is get on with the Apple TV already and make it the killer combination that puts it all together.

  5. Here we go again…. an expert opinion even before the product has been announced….. just because apple has secured the name doesn’t mean the product will ever be released…..
    I’d like to have a dollar for all the Apple failed products even an expert like Ballmer proclaimed!!!

  6. First Apple may be subverting its competitors by lying about making an iWatch to waste their time.

    Second MDN and others, you haven’t thought this through. A watch has 3 fatal flaws.

    1. The user has raise their Lower and upper arm to use it, stressing the shoulder, bringing the screen close enough to their face.
    2. You must use two hands with the device for most functions.
    3. The biggest problem: the screen is tiny, thwarting any usable multi-touch interface.

    And there are many other problems too like privacy, etc. It’s not better at most things than a smartphone or iPod.

    At best an iWatch could be a niche product for things like sports. Thus, it won’t appeal to the masses.

    No idea if Apple will do one but I’ll make a prediction: Apple will sell a million units in the first week because of hype then sales will tank. After two quarters people will realize it’s a useless product that does nothing better than a smartphone or iPod and is superfluous to Apple’s product line. It’ll be ‘the’ mistake that everyone will blame Tim Cook for.

  7. Maybe Apple is registering trademarks on iWatch just to mess with Samsung and send them on a wild goose chase. Without an actual product to mimic, once Sammy finally releases whatever piece o’ crap they’ve come up with, Apple can then say “That’s not a watch. *This* is a watch.”

  8. This sounds exciting as this is exactly the sort of commentary we had before iPhone and iPad so hey Apple must be doing something right. He is partly right I think because an iWatch is more difficult to nail down in respect of the way it will be used and what its main purpose is, for one thing is for sure it wont be a watch at heart, that would be like calling an iPad a Newton.

    For me as a start I can see it as a place that will keep all your ‘club’, travel shopping memberships/associations/passes in one place in it so that you can breeze through gates, reorder things and accept and use discounts, tokens, give guidance via siri (and all that allows) etc, etc. All things that are a drag at the moment but accept as inevitable but which when they are removed we will wonder how we ever did without this device. Sounds a bit like having an iPad/Smartphone in that respect. Best of all those sort of capabilities will largely leave those other devices untouched and indeed may need one to work at full capability. Passbook is made for such a device.

    Many have shown dismay that siri has not progressed from what it is but in all likelihood in typical Apple style that is partly because a more advanced implication will be perfect for such a device and will help give it a wow factor that gradual development cannot do.

  9. Won’t be huge success? A second tier product is all a watch with a computer inside, will ever be.

    In fact, iPhone turned every watch and computer into a second tier product almost overnight.

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