“Apple is reportedly experimenting with wristwatches made of curved glass, a project that could add another profitable product to the company’s iOS arsenal,” Thomas Claburn writes for InformationWeek. “Understandable as it may be that the tech industry would like to see wearable devices follow the same explosive growth trajectory as the mobile market experienced over the last six years, Apple, Google and other companies in this space have yet to demonstrate there’s any mass-market value to buckling, strapping, mounting or otherwise attaching small, Internet-aware computers to one’s body.”

“There is certainly niche-market value: The Nike + iPod sensor, the Nike Fuelband and other activity-tracking gadgets like the Jawbone UP wristband are loved by some,” Claburn writes. “But these specialized gizmos will never have the broad impact of the iPhone.”

7 Reasons An iWatch Won’t Fly
1. Subscription Fees
2. Battery Life
3. Sensors Don’t Matter
4. Everything Watches Can Do, Phones Can Do Better
5. Notifications Are The New Spam
6. NFC Isn’t A Point of Differentiation
7. Cost

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MacDailyNews Take: This world gets stupider with each passing day.

Tommy, a word of advice: Wait for Apple to actually release something first before you start your silly lists.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dangerfrogg” for the heads up.]

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