Apple debuts new iPhone 5 TV ad: ‘Music Every Day’ (with video)

Apple last night debuted the second in an series of impressive new iPhone 5 ads, “Music Every Day,” following the excellent “Photos Every Day,” on U.S. broadcast and cable TV networks.

In the ad, Apple shows scenes of people listening to and enjoying music with their iPhones in various locales and situations.

The ad is scored with a simple piano arrangement and the only voiceover is at the end of the spot, “Every day, more people enjoy their music on the iPhone than any other phone.”

The ad closes on the familiar “iPhone” text followed by the Apple logo.

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: We smell CLIO Awards.

As we said about “Photos Every Day:”

Excellent job, Apple and TBWA\Chiat\Day! Lee Clow’s fingerprints are all over this one, and that’s a Very Good Thing™, indeed.

Good Jobs, more like these – and for iPad/iPad mini and Macintosh, too – please!

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    1. Boring like a beautiful sunrise is boring. Boring like a heart-warming story is boring.

      It’s a beautiful ad, but visually and aurally. I love the compositions the pacing. Very well done. It’s elegant, even. We can all relate to the music that moves us. The ad connects on that human level.

    2. Does “Zzz” prefers the ridiculous superspy ads like the ones for Android phones? You know, the ones meant to appeal to the under-15-year-old boy market? With lasers and armor suitcases and boxes with secret chambers?

    3. I would much rather see these types of subtle, artfully done ads which Apple and their advertising firm produces then the loud, clattering, in your face, angry dancing young school girl ads that Microsoft produces.

    4. Apple has a lot of advertisements for iPhone 5: both energetic and meditating. It is not like Apple only runs one and the same advertisement only; it is a mix, they get interchanged in the rotation.

  1. These ads tap into a multitude of emotions, and there’s at least something for everyone in them.

    Android device marketing, almost on the whole, relies on cheap adrenaline shots that are meaningless to real-world use. DROOOOIIIID! with a bunch of robot arms flying about or breaking through walls really doesn’t say a damn thing about what the device will mean to the person using it.

    Bravo, Apple and its marketing team.

    1. Exactly. This ad is beautiful and practically the antithesis to the near-non sequitur DROOOOIIID ads with robot arms and lasers.

      Apple’s ads should project an aesthetic that matches the products, and appeals to the demographics to which Apple is marketing its products. I think this ad does that well.

      1. It’s an awesome Ad.

        Buy a droid you buy an awful piece of plastic crap made by a company that wants o spy on you, and has no respect for your privacy nor intellectual property.

        Buy an iPhone and get in touch with your soul. Become one with the universe.

  2. Music is trying for the heartstrings, but it is a little…yeah, boring. Visuals are 10/10 though, they’re definitely getting some mojo back.

  3. Thought that the ad was exceptionally well done. A bit disappointed in the ending voice over. The fact that more people enjoy music on their iPhone isn’t really the point, is it? Something more personal would have resonated more … at least with me.

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