Apple took 57% of $12.5 billion in worldwide smartphone profits in Q113 vs. Android 43%

“Apple continues to lead both as the single-most profitable smartphone maker, and by default the most profitable platform, taking 57% of $12.5 billion in smartphone operating profits in Q1, according to figures out from Strategy Analytics today,” Ingrid Lunden reports for TechCrunch. “Android took 43%, equating to $5.3 billion, Neil Mawston, chief analyst with the firm, tells TechCrunch.”

“Within the Android portion of smartphone profits, Samsung is taking ever the bigger lion’s share. Its $5.1 billion in operating profit works out to 95% of all Android revenues, and 40.8% of all smartphone operating profits overall,” Lunden reports. “Bad news for other vendors/platforms like Nokia and BlackBerry: their collective profits totalled just $300 million for the quarter, working out to a 2.2% share of profits.”

Strategy Analytics: Global Smartphone Profit by Vendor, Q113

Muchd more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bill” for the heads up.]

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  1. Now these numbers look more accurate than what ShameScam has been putting out. If I were to get an Android, it would have to be the Sega Tokio, because at least they were a big part of my childhood. (I had the Sega Genesis and Sega Saturn) I am glad they are still making hardware like this. But other than that, it’s all iPhone.

  2. Ok but its down from75%. I sold today. I love the company, love the products but where is the support for my retirenent? If Apple doesn’t soin invent iStock and iRetire to stop the erosion in value thenI have to go with the lemmings making Google go up in price. The fundamentals are wrong for this stock price movement but I can’t short and long myself into protection. Wall Street wins again? Fuck you Wall Street.

    1. Also retired but wouldn’t dream of selling just because a bunch of scum suckers continue their yellow journalism. Apple has done more than they should to support the stock value with dividends and buy backs.

    2. Trolling or just a really poor Imvester???
      Apple goes up and down. If you wait until its down to sell, that is just stupid.

      Just a reminder how stock investing goes. Buy low and sell high not the other way around. Unless you are just trolling.

    1. The new numbers are the result of the “smart phone” category being expanded to include a bunch of low end “smart phones” that will never be used for anything but making calls and taking pictures in China and India. Apple sold more iPhones than ever last quarter.

      1. Rationalize all you want, Zeke, Apple is doing a poor job keeping up with the overall growth in smartphone market. Cook needs to spend less time playing stock games and more time diversifying the iPhone — and yes, that likely includes cheaper models for global markets. Otherwise, Apple fans can just watch as their platform erodes into a minority position, just like the Mac. Don’t delude yourself into thinking it can’t happen again.

  3. Samsung is a despicable company. That company is clearly owned by people who hate freedom. They are manipulating Apple stock to make it look unmarketable. Apple is only targeted because they don’t subscribe to the beliefs that Illuminati owned companies do. Not to mention that Steve Jobs was a Buhddist. Basically, The Illuminati hates anyone that “thinks different”.

  4. Yesterday and today, Apple stock was severely punished because of Gartner market share report where showed Apple falling below 50% but no one said the most important issue indicated in this article: who got the largest share of the profit cake.
    Shame on you all so bad called journalists and analysts. No professionalism at all!!

  5. Earning close to what Apple is earning , fine.

    However, Apple cash is about 4.8 times more than samsung without debts.
    I wonder when samsung can have the same amount of Apple cash.

    1. Actually, Cook has decided that Apple needs debts, and it now has them. …Financial chicanery rather than continued demonstration of product excellence from Cook & Co.

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