Apple hits 50 billion app downloads milestone

On the home page of their website today, Apple announced they’ve hit the 50 Billion App Store Downloads milestone.

The 50 billionth downloader, as yet unnamed, has won a US$10,000 iTunes Gift Card and the next 50 downloaders each won a $500 App Store Gift Card.

The 50 Billion Apps Countdown Promotion was open to entrants 13 years of age or older (or the minimum age required by their country) at the time of entry, and were legal residents located in a participating country at the time of the promotion.

Apple hits 50 Billion App Store Downloads Milestone

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    1. Total download count for Google Play store is about 48 billion today, so they will top Apple soon.

      However, according to the latest data, iOS still generates about 3/4 of all developers’ profits in the mobile software industry.

      This means that it will take much longer for Google to top the count of applications that were actually bought — if they will ever surpass Apple in this at all.

      1. 48 billion Google Play apps already! 42 billion are those fun loving Trojans and the rest are poor copies of the great games on iOS.

        I doubt that Apple is worried.

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