Apple’s iPhone is absolutely toasting the Samsung S4 on Twitter

“Over its launch weekend, ten days ago, the new Samsung flagship smartphone, the S4, was boosted by almost 230,000 tweets,” Haydn Shaughnessy reports for Forbes. “That sounds impressive. 230K tweets in 4 days! Samsung looks good in social media.”

“In total those 230,000 tweets could have influenced about 32 million people. Sounds impressive but wait! Apple’s iPhone was tweeted about 2.9 million times over the same period,” Shaughnessy reports. “And there was no launch around the iPhone. Conclusion: On social media the iPhone is beating the S4 up.”

Shaughnessy reports, “What’s more it looks as though a portion of the activity around the Samsung S4 came from fake accounts, running scripts. They tend to tweet out pro-Samsung messages all day long… The iPhone’s long weekend of Twitter support, potentially, could have been seen by over 180 million people, nearly six times as many as the S4.”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. More importantly, HAYDN SHAUGHNESSY said something remotely positive about Apple? What is this, bizarro-world? That guy takes such great pleasure in taking potshots at Apple, it seems.

      Actually, it’s still true to form: the title of his article is not nearly as pro-Apple as MDN’s version. haha.

    2. probably the time of the year to renew annual ad placements.
      Forbes reminder to samsung to buy some ad space in the magazine….

      (I’m tongue in cheek above but seriously Samsung outspends apple in worldwide advertising several times over — charts in I don’t doubt that has to affect how samsung is covered in the press. You don’t piss off big advertisers especially when so many publications are suffering financially . Although writers will swear this doesn’t happen I know it does because I used to work in the ad and magazine business )

  1. Fake tweets for Samsung. Why am I not SURPRISED! lol

    I hope this report gets tweeted to the 230k iHaters sucking up to Samsung or paid by them.

  2. If Samsung set up fake accounts running running scripts then they knew they had a problem in the past and they more than likely have done this before. So, is Samsung eating Apple’s lunch or has Apple always eaten everyone’s lunch?

    Just how low can Samsung go? Any character or pride left at Samsung? How about the talking heads that keep telling us that Apple is dead in the water now? Do they have any evidence or a clue about the real world on Wall Street and those other TV analysts? Pay no attention to the little man behind the curtain. Samsung is the real deal. Really! Please buy our copy-cat iPhone and iPads before they are banned in court!

  3. The iHaters are commenting the same BS of Apple and iPhone is dead or soon to be dead, soon, anytime now, really like pretty soon or so…haha pathetic iHaters!

  4. Not really apples-to-apples.. how many tweets did iPhone make during its equivalent launch period? Presumably much less than the 2.9 million it made with full, established user-base…

  5. These numbers don’t add up… If Samsung’s 230,000 tweets could have been seen by 32 million people, that means each tweet would be seen by 139 people. If that same stat was used to measure the reach of iPhone tweets, they would have been seen by over 430 million people, or more than twelve times Samsung’s tweets. Not 180 million as the article states. Even in a pro-apple article, the numbers are skewed out of their favor…

  6. But I enjoy better to type from my Samsung S4…..
    Sent from my iPhone.
    BTW, Hey sammy, WTH is my money for pretending I like those peace of crap of Galaxy phones?

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