Yankee Group: Apple continues to eat Samsung’s lunch; customer loyalty will drive iPhone ownership past Android’s peak

“Samsung’s Radio City Music Hall launch of its Galaxy S IV smartphone made good headlines, but consumer buying data shows that at the checkout counter, Apple continues to eat Samsung’s lunch, while Android smartphones are losing one out of every six customers to other manufacturers,” Carl Howe reports for Yankee Group.” These trends will drive Apple ownership well past Android ownership by 2015 and will reinforce Apple’s dominance in tablets as well.”

“Despite press excitement about Samsung, Apple continues to gain share against all Android devices,” Howe reports. “While Samsung may have garnered huge press attention from its Galaxy S IV announcement, consumer intent to buy Samsung phones is less than half that of iPhones in the U.S. In fact, iPhone intent to buy is statistically tied with the intent to buy all Android phones combined.”

Howe reports, “High ecosystem loyalty and feature phone upgraders will drive Apple’s ownership past Android’s peak. While buying intent for new customers to both Apple’s and Android’s ecosystem is about the same, platform loyalty is not. Only 9 percent of Apple owners plan to switch to another platform with their next phone purchase, while 24 percent of Android owners plan to defect from the Android platform. The fact that 18 percent of Android owners intend to switch to Apple with their next.”

Full article for Yankee Group clients here.

MacDailyNews Take: When Carl Howe speaks about Apple, smart people listen.

This is a long race, not a thermonuclear flash, but eventually the cream rises above the derivative, cobbled-together, insecure, stolen product.


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  1. When will all the speculators, pundits and commentators get it?

    “It’s all about the ecosystem stupid!” … and not just the next iPhone or iPad.

    Factor in:
    3rd party manufacturers if peripherals
    App developers for iOS and OS X
    Business users and deployment of devices
    Apple TV
    Anything else I’ve not included??
    … and the next great things to come from Cupertino over the coming year

    When are the idiots going to get it? Apple is now too diverse and too big to fail, and it has always been their plan to gradually hammer more and more stakes into the ground. And I know they’ve only just started …

  2. Wow, such a rare perspective nowadays. The new Samsung phone is seriously overhyped. If Apple released such a plastic phone that is so large without really innovative features, guess what people will say?

  3. Apple will never win the battle in the mind of the analysts. If they offer a cheap model, they’ll ding it for margin compression. If they only keep it to the high end, they’ll ding it for losing market share (even though so many “smartphones” these days are barely glorified feature phones)

  4. Hey NYT! You want another Pulitzer? How about you do some real Jounalism? A big investigative report needs to be done on Samesung’s efforts to pay for anti-Apple headlines, Articles, Fake postings, comments & reviews. Samesung fears having their corporate warfare smear campaign exposed. look how quickly they reacted to the Taiwan HTC investigation by the FTC. Maybe then, even the Hee Haw demographic will decide against giving Samesung their money.

  5. What about the iPhones that the owner retain. If they are three times more reliable, have more updates, and are still functional- is duration counted?

    With Android, some if the owner get new ones so they CAN get an update, failing phone, or just replacing because it looks like beat plastic parts.

    Sell more and activate more when the phone have short life spans.

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