Apple debuts 60-second iPhone 5 TV ad ‘Photos Every Day’ (with video)

Apple has debuted a new 60-second TV spot for iPhone 5.

In the ad, “Photos Every Day,” Apple shows scenes of people taking interesting photos and videos with their iPhones in various locales. Some editing, flash photography, and also the shooting of panoramic photos is also shown.

The ad is scored with a simple piano arrangement and the only voiceover is at the end of the spot, “Every day, more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera.”

The ad closes on the familiar “iPhone” text followed by the Apple logo.

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: Excellent job, Apple and TBWA\Chiat\Day! Lee Clow’s fingerprints are all over this one, and that’s a Very Good Thing™, indeed.

Good Jobs, more like these – and for iPad/iPad mini and Macintosh, too – please!


    1. Next commercial will be how the iPhone helped bag those slime balls in Boston. Our local sports station is calling them “speed bump and ship stain”. More criminals are arrested each day with iPhone.

      1. They should have shown some of the touchy-feely pics and videos of the Boston PD goon squads terrorizing citizens in house-by-house warrantless searches.

        IV. The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

          1. Actually, every computer and device I’ve owned since 1982 has been an …please tell me how your bogus accusation correlates to the rape of the Fourth Amendment in a major US city. Thanks so much.

            1. Since basic reason and logic eludes you and you have, countless times, expressed your allegiance to statism over the rights of the individual, this concludes any further correspondence on my part with you, O Canadian Cockroach.

              PS – Quit voting for your own comments, it’s so crass and Microsoftian.

            2. botvinnik, your concern regarding the rights of the individual would be admirable, if you were not so misguided in your zeal and your focus on lambasting the current administration. You might want to go back a decade or so and consider the merits of the ‘Patriot Act,’ for example.

              You may own Macs, botvinnik, but even a fool and a tool might choose the best computer platform by accident. You use Macs, but are clearly an outcast in this community of Mac users.

        1. From what I know, police knocked on doors and requested entry to search for murder suspects. From what I know, every citizen asked permitted police entry. If you know of anyone refusing and having their doors busted in let us know. Otherwise this is a bogus comment.

          1. Botvinnik is a closeted terrorist that believes that lunatics that have bombed a city, killed a police officer and hijacked another citizen should have a free rein in our city. Everyone in Boston is grateful that these guys were captured.

            1. This kind of video was being played all day long on the Boston television stations. Not once did I see anyone object to the search of the homes or the abuse of anyone by the police. Show me that footage.

    2. Awesome ad. They managed to capture the feeling of so many everyday events that we all experience, and now easily capture ourselves with our iPhones.

      If you’ve ever been in a group with iPhones/iPads and Androids, you’ll see how much better the iPhones do at capturing the moment. And how much more eager iOS users are to capture and share these moments because iOS devices just work better.

    1. alan,
      The rule of a commercial is you do not mention your competitors…… Its a fact that the iPhone is used more often by owners to post on line (easy to measure metric).

      PS, if you own a different phone and have ever had an issue with taking a picture, you understand. My friend was boasting about the specs of his android phone. They we both went to take a picture…. He has much more of an issue and bitched about how hard they make it….. I just smiled to myself.

  1. Much better than the Samsung commercial where the guys wife and kids are saying goodbye and the wife “bumps” him a video and tells him he may not want to watch it on the airplane. Crass.

    Really shows the difference between the two companies.

    1. Although I own a Samsung Note 2, I agree with you about the ads. I love the piano music on the new iphone ad. It is very well done. Although I can compliment the quality of an iphone ad, that won’t make me change from the Samsung phone that I love.

    1. The clicky Metro-nome Microsoft dance-choreographed commercials are all smoke and mirrors without an ounce of productivity or usefulness shown. But what do you do when you know you’re just shootin’ blanks?

    1. I wonder if that isn’t the essence of what is successful about Apple’s “marketing.” The hero aspect says that this device lets you do things that matter to you. It’s a really nice contrast to the quintessential Imperial margarine marketing that suggests by eating/using their product you become a king/queen. It’s not pushy and so is more believable.

  2. I’m an apple fan that does not like the commercial. I have the 5 and it takes great daylight pics/video.
    That said, this spot is Cutesy, not informative. It should emphasize a pro experience. Pro Results. People want the best from Apple. You never see one of the actual photos, which GOD knows EVERYONE knows that if it was an Iphone FLASH photo, it would be a washed out foggy looking unusable pic.. sorry, that is how it is. Or blurry in low light, with no flash. Put a good flash on and prove to the world it works. Then you’ll win fans. sales. I’ve heard countless people tell me how much they avoid using the flash with an Iphone. sorry, just the way it IS. The obvious is what Apple is missing.

    1. Clean your lens and flash.
      I’ve gotten in the habit of carrying a lens cloth for my glasses, iPhone, iPad and computer screen. If you clean the lens before taking flash photos then they turn out great in most cases.

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