Google seen joining smartwatch race with Apple, Samsung

“Google reportedly has joined Apple and Samsung in the race to develop and commercialize a smartwatch,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily.

“Google’s smartwatch is being developed by its Android product team, the Financial Times reported Thursday,” Seitz reports. “U.K.-based Juniper Research predicts that wearable computing devices like smartwatches will be a $1.5 billion industry by 2014. The market is being driven by consumer spending on health, fitness and multi-functional devices, Juniper said in a report last fall. Last year, the market generated $800 million in sales, mainly related to sport and fitness products from Nike (NKE), Fitbit and others.”

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“The wearable gadget space seems to be drawing the interest of many companies. Pebble, the smartwatch that works with the iPhone and Android, beat all the odds on Kickstarter, receiving more than 85,000 orders for the watch and more than $10 million from people who wanted to back the company,” Daniel Bean reports for ABC News. “Many companies have also joined the fitness tracker market, including Nike, Motorola and Jawbone.”

Bean reports, “According to rumors, Apple has a team of 100 working on a watch that works with the iPhone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple leads. The rest follow. As usual.

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  1. It was inevitable and eventually Amazon will also join the fray. None of those companies are going to let Apple get a leg up on them. No matter what direction Apple moves, those companies will immediately follow. I would readily bet they’ll let Apple feel the market out and if it’s successful, those companies will quickly follow up with better featured and less expensive products.

    They’ll let Apple take the advance risks. It makes sense for them to do so. That’s why I wish Apple would look for revenue streams outside of hardware, where those companies won’t be interested in following.

  2. Honestly, I don’t believe the whole Apple watch thing at all. I only hope its one of Apple’s great charades that has the all the others chasing air.

    Who exactly wears watches anymore? Like I’ve said in previous posts, very few people I know between the age of 16-30 wear watches unless for style points. They use their phones as their watch.

    If Apple does come out with something, it won’t be a watch or a music player but something that is tied to Siri and can follow us through our daily motions. It wouldn’t need to tell time because you would ask Siri and she would tell you.

    But it is fun to watch the copy-cats squirm. haha

    1. Here, here iGads ! I’d love it if the iWatch is a smoke to get the others chasing nonsense. Whatever apple is up to we won’t expect it. I’d bet there’s still more from vision of Steve still to come. Don’t forget he had the vision of the iPad approximately 30 years before tech caught up to make it possible

        1. Except Apple normally put out technology soon after they have posted related patent applications. A lot of iPhone patents were granted years after the iPhone was made public. No one in their right mind waits for the fracking slow, and I must add idiotic, patent offices.

    2. So you would rather reach in your pocket, find your iPhone, pull it out, press the home button, check the time and finally put it back in your pocket? Or glance at your wrist? This is all about it’s not cool to wear a watch. I understand the herd mentality of different generations. Everyone does it to some extent. But this one escapes me.

  3. What watch would be really useful is the one that has a NFC and fingerprint recognition build in. Which will allow users to pay without reaching out a wallet.
    Now that what I would call a revolutionary watch.

  4. So, I guess we’ll see people walking around wearing Google Glasses, a Google watch, and I guess a Google belt will be next.

    Personally, I have no interest in an Apple watch, or any of these “smart” watches. But then, I wear “real” watches (mechanical watches), so I guess I’m likely not the target market. I don’t need anything else to replicate what my iPhone is doing (although I do like vehicle integration).

    It will be funny if it turns out that this whole “iWatch” thing has no truth to it, and Samsung and Google scramble to create one to compete with Apple… And they aren’t even working on one. 🙂

    1. Wag the Dog.

      Yes – I hope Apple has fooled these fools into the rumoured iWatch — meanwhile — Apple finalizes its augmented pico projector and smart cam into the iPhone — beating out Googles Glasses to Market.

  5. How the fuck is Apple leading here? There are other smart watches on the market already.

    I did a foresight study on the near term future of mobile technology about 3 years ago and predicted wearable computing would see a surge in popularity. Not because I can see into the future,but because when all elements were considered it made the most sense.

  6. I hope Apple doesn’t permit Apple employees to use gmail or any other Google services while doing projects or research online for third party vendors to provide materials. It is such an excellent spy tool for Google. They already know Apple’s IP addresses, thus way easy to track or spy on Apple. If the once CEO of Google had no issue looking at a pre-release of the iPhone on the Apple board which influenced Google to translate and change direction of their phone I/U design, than using their products while at Apple should stop.

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