Freelance hack: Nobody needs an Apple iWatch or anything like it

“Apple and Samsung’s purported desire to create a ‘smart’ watch to pair with their smartphones seems to be an incredibly dumb idea. The two, usually wise, companies would be making a grave mistake entering the low-margin cellular accessory market, where the competition is fierce and the barriers to entry are incredibly low,” Cyrus Sanati writes for Fortune. “Furthermore, the utility of such a device seems questionable, likely appealing to a limited subset of consumers of unfashionable geeks and pudgy weekend warriors.”

“Knowing how Apple works, if it does launch an ‘iWatch,’ it will probably be just one watch that comes in a variety of colors. The unimaginative Samsung will most likely just copy whatever Apple does to the letter. That means that both products, which will probably have the same features as all those watches mentioned above, will appeal to a narrow subset of consumers who really dig its design and who believe it will fit their style,” Sanati writes. “Both are tall orders–something that even the mighty Apple, will have a hard time trying to deliver.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote when the last fool tried to pooh-pooh something they have not yet seen:

Apple doesn’t enter markets in order to perpetuate the status quo. Apple enters markets in order to disrupt them, because they’ve invented a better way. If Apple releases a smartwatch, it won’t be like “other companies.” [Articles like Sanati’s are] the musing[s] of someone who’s totally unfamiliar with, or ignoring, the way Apple has operated through history… As with everything else, if Apple doesn’t think they’re bringing something new to the table, a game-changer, then they won’t enter a market. (At least, they shouldn’t, if they’re still being run correctly, which we believe they are.) This goes for watches, TVs, streaming radio, and anything else the rumor sites can dream up.

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    1. People who make these outrageous comments before a product has even been released are just not thinking rationally. I suggest to no one pay any attention to this article, just bump it and move on.

    2. Exactly. People like Cyrus Sanati don’t know anything until a company like Apple creates something new and shows everyone something they had only hinted at in their imaginations. That is innovation…

  1. Since Apple released the square Nano that worked as a watch, I have been waiting for them to release a version that would pair with my iPhone to show me my emails and messages. I usually have to keep my ringer turned off and I don’t always feel the vibration in my pocket. Having my wrist watch vibrate will get my attention, and then I’d be able to see my messages without having to pull my phone out of my pocket.


  2. We haven’t even seen the complete product yet, and begin to judge that we need it or not? Let me show you what I mean:
    ”We don’t need a flying car because we already have cars and planes/helicopters….”

  3. I’ve got a phone, who needs an iWatch? People are whining their phones are too small, and now they want what is usually portrayed as a big-ass metal-banded watch? It may happen, but I haven’t seen it yet.

  4. About 5 billion people will prove this article wrong. People want specific instant gratification and feedback for email, texts, facebook, weather, stocks, etc., without digging in their pocket and staring at a device. The WRIST is the answer. Apple will redefine the watch. It is called “watch” for a reason, and people will watch it for indicators before they dig for their device.
    I refuse to talk to people who are always head-down staring at their device. A manhole is waiting for them.

  5. Putting Apple and Samsung in the same sentence is like putting an Aston Martin and a Hyundai in the same garage.

    Additionally, this analysts’s article is lame. Cyrus Sanati sounds like everyone other self-proclaimed analysts thinking inside their own box.

    1. “Apple and Samsung’s purported desire to create a ‘smart’ watch to pair with their smartphones seems to be an incredibly dumb idea.”
      There is ONLY “Samsung’s purported desire”.
      Apple has NOT said ANYTHING about making a watch.
      It’s only BS smoke from hit whores…

  6. Any argument that is based on the idea that these sort of devices are pointless because an individual doesn’t like to wear a watch should be ignored completely.

    An iWatch would be great – IF people don’t go overboard about what it should do. It’s never going to replace a phone. The screen size is just not practical and you’d need to wear an earpiece or make all your conversations be by speakerphone.

    Personally I would like to briefly see who is ringing, so if I am on bluetooth or on headphones I don’t have to get my phone out. Yes Siri could speak it, but you’d only hear it if you had your headphones in or if it was spoke – which would get annoying.

    An iWatch needs to be supplemental in a useful way. It needs to do a small amount really well, not everything badly. Plus, it also needs to be practically useful as a watch.

    The wristwatch became more popular than the pocket watch for a reason. Just saying you can look at your phone and dismissing it is stupid.

  7. Does this Genuis have 175 Billion in cash? Obvious this person must write articles for currency and not ranging on the ocean soaking up cash by the handful with his foresight into society’s purchasing habits.

  8. I’ve been wearing a nano as my watch for 5 years ….to tell time and listen to music … with my phone in my pocket, the iwatch could let me answer the phone – listen with my earbuds – and not fish my phone out of my pocket…and with siri I could ask my watch to call a number….

    If someone had told me that that my iPad mini would replace my iPad, I’d have laughed….but things happen…

    1. This is the absurdity of your perspective: you want an iWatch so you can answer your phone, that is itself required to be in your pocket. You would speak through your headphones. Turns out, you don’t need yet another device in addition to your phone and headphones to answer the phone and speak. You just press the control button on your headphones. And you can talk to Siri through your headphones as well.

      Come on people this is ridiculous. There is no iWatch simply because there is no need for it. It’s superfluous and flawed (tiny screen and awkward arm movement to use it)

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