Walmart adds iPhone scan-and-checkout feature to 12 more markets

“Wal-Mart Stores Inc said it is tripling the number of U.S. stores in a pilot program that lets shoppers scan items with their iPhones and pay at self-checkout counters,” Jessica Wohl reports for Reuters.

“Walmart’s ‘Scan & Go’ program will soon be in more than 200 stores, up from about 70,” Wohl reports. “The pilot began near its home office in Bentonville, Arkansas in late 2012, then expanded to Atlanta.”

“For now, “Scan & Go” only works on Apple Inc devices,” Wohl reports. “Shoppers scan bar codes on items they want to buy, using the Walmart app on their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to keep track of the planned purchases and the total cost. Then they pay at a self-checkout screen, bypassing the typical registers.”

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  1. Wanna fix welfare? Stop shopping at Walmart.

    They are the nations largest employer of Medicaid and Food Stamp recipients. The American taxpayer subsidizes $1000 for EVERY Walmart employee.

    In short, Walmart is full of cheap imported goods, they pay shit wages, offer poor benefits and contribute to American poverty in a meaningful, measurable way.

    Hows that cheap crap working out for us?

    1. So, your solution is for workers who are barely getting by to start shopping at other stores which charge 15-20% more for the same goods. That’s going to work out real well.

      Not that I defend WalMarts practices. All you say is true, but where I’m at the only other food store in town charges 20% more for the same item. Ben & Jerrys is $5 a pint there, vs $3.78 at WM. The problem does not lend itself to simplistic solutions, now that the deck is so completely stacked against the bottom 70% of the economic strata (the next 28% are coming, they just don’t know it yet).

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